Home Injectables ‘My Sister Asked Me If I Got Lip Injections Last Time I Used This Mask’

‘My Sister Asked Me If I Got Lip Injections Last Time I Used This Mask’

‘My Sister Asked Me If I Got Lip Injections Last Time I Used This Mask’


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Photo credit: Courtesy

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Whether lip care is a daily part of your skincare routine or you’re just a Kylie Jenner fan, it’s likely you’ve dabbled in a lip scrub or mask at least once in your self-care journey.

For my uber thin and dry lips, scrubs end up being more mess than is usually worth the short-term exfoliating and hydrating benefits. Most of the time, more of the little crystals end up on my chin and upper lip than on my actual mouth, which is why I got extremely excited when lip masks started becoming a thing.

I love a super hydrating overnight lip mask, but I was craving a deeper treatment to address dryness, pigmentation, and natural plumping, which is why I got really excited when Sara Happ’s Sweet Clay Lip Mask ($32, Amazon) came across my desk. The first time I used it, my sister asked me if I got lip injections without telling her.

The all-in-one, easy-to-use treatment leaves my lips looking bigger, brighter, and softer. Here’s more on how I use it and why I’ll likely never stop using it:

It’s filled with natural ingredients.

I’m always a fan of clean and natural ingredients, but of course I like to be as careful as possible when it comes to products I’m bringing near my mouth. The base is bentonite clay, which is an exfoliating ingredient you’ve likely seen in a lot of face masks you’ve tried.

The formula is also infused with earth-loving ingredients like sesame seed, shea butter, castor oil, grape seed oil, and rosehip oil (which also contributes to the amazing smell!).

It addresses dryness, pigmentation, and fine lines.

As a medium skin-toned and Indian woman, I’m genetically prone to hyperpigmentation which is especially prominent on my outer lips, making them look even smaller than they already are.

Because of rosehip oil’s high vitamin C concentration, continual use of this has actually lightened the pigment along the outer edges of my mouth. That in itself makes my lips look bigger right after using the mask.

Due to the high amount of oils blended with shea butter in to the formula, this leaves my lips super hydrated too. That’s why I love using it at night before bed, especially after I’ve been wearing a drying lip stick or stain.

I notice that after using this, the tiny vertical lines on my lower lip are far less noticeable. That, combined with the (totally pain-free) plumping effect, is why this mask also happens to be the latest addition to my pre-date night routine, too.

It’s mess-free and easy to use.

Thicker than traditional clay face masks I’ve ever used, I generously swipe about a pea-sized amount of the opaque pink clay on to my lips and simply leave it on while I go through the rest of my nighttime skincare routine. Bonus tip: You’ll want your phone nearby for some hilarious Barbie-pink lip selfies.

The instructions say to leave this on for anywhere up to 20 minutes, but I usually just let it sit for about five a couple of times a week, unless I’m doing my pre-date routine, in which case I’ll really let it soak in for 15 to 20.

Because the formula is so thick, I never worry about it sliding off my lips and on to my chin. It feels super comfortable on my mouth while I go about washing dishes or doing laundry, too. When I’m done, I simply wipe it off with a wet wash cloth and seal in the hydration with one of my favorite lip balms or overnight masks.

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