Five Ladies Share Their Experiences at Erha Clinic


No one can stop the passage of time, but with the right treatment, the process of aging can be slowed down to ensure a youthful appearance

From products and treatments and the concerns they address, beauty and skin have always made for exciting conversation. And this is definitely the case for Amelia Handoko – co-founder and Deputy CEO of Arya Noble, or better known as Erha Clinic – with her closest friends, namely Vikhastella Riany Herman, Rosaline Lie, Sophia Chayono, and Melty Simon.

During monthly gatherings and daily conversations, they’ve exchanged their shared experience, especially Amelia who actually works in the industry. “I love to share my knowledge, even about simple concerns such as the usage of sunscreen. Many people think when there’s no sun, they don’t need to wear sunblock. But this is a wrong mindset because the UV-rays are still there. Basically, from 9am to 4pm, we have to wear sunblock,” she elaborates. “Then there’s also the myth about Botox, the injection treatment for the muscle tissues under the skin for reducing the wrinkles. People often say that it will make you look worse within six months after receiving treatment and I always have to clarify that this is simply not true.”

Another topic that would often come up in conversations among these five ladies revolves around different skin types and the need for different kinds of treatment. “Having more mature skin, I’m currently dealing with my skin easily becoming dry. Another concern is dark spots from UV rays and hormones,” says Rosaline. “I’ve been treating my skin at Erha Clinic since years ago and followed several programs from the Erha Anti Aging System. I just experienced the Pico Laser Photorejuvenation treatment from the Erha Age Freeze Program (Ultimate Younger Look Solution) which the clinic’s dermatologist has crafted for me. It really helps to preserve the skin condition because the picosecond technology stimulates production of collagen and elastin. It also helps cure the pigmentation. The high laser energy that is absorbed into the skin creates a smoother texture, reduces fine lines, and improves my skin’s elasticity.”

Sharing the same concern about dark spots, Vikha has undergone the Impeccable Flawless Program (Age Spot Solution), which is the same treatment experienced by Rosaline, along with received the Skin Booster treatment with Vital Injector technology. “Because I have fair skin, I want it to look bright and healthy at the same time,” she elaborates. “This non-invasive treatment works really well for me because the serum is injected directly through our skin using the multi needle injectors with vacuum technology. The result can be seen in days: people will definitely notice how my skin looks more glowing.”

Another Erha Age Freeze Program uses Laser Photorejuvenation with Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser and works directly on the dermis with collagen remodelling to help repair skin structure, thereby making it softer and brighter, while at the same time evening out skin tone. This non-ablative treatment is suitable for those who experience signs of aging and sun damage. Melty chose this treatment because she spends a lot of time outdoors. “This treatment gives instant glowing skin and helps to repair my skin problems,” she says. “A bonus benefit is that it makes my makeup last longer.”

Having sensitive skin, choosing the right products and treatments can be tricky for Sophia. “Going by trial and error, I rarely find those that work well with my skin,” the fifth lady in the group explains. “At Erha Clinic however, I can get a clear explanation about the program that best matches my skin needs also clear information about the program’s duration and expected results by the time it’s finished by the experienced dermatologist. In the long run, I’ve found that it is not only effective but also cost-effective.”

For Amelia and her friends, the effort of taking care of their skin is well worth the effort. Aging is simply a part of life. None of us can stop it. But with the right treatments and by using the right products, we can help delay the process and keep our skin in optimum condition.

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