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How to Use Serums After Microneedling? – Boca Raton’s Most Reliable News Source

How to Use Serums After Microneedling? – Boca Raton’s Most Reliable News Source


When hundreds of needles prick your skin, the procedure is known as, ‘micro-needling.’ Many people wonder whether they can use serums after micro-needling. If you are a regular user of serums and you are wondering how to continue using a serum after micro-needling, we can help you figure out how. Let’s understand what micro-needling is. 

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling might sound like a bizarre-painful procedure, where small needles attached at the end of a pen-like device are rolled all over the face. It will trigger the skin to produce collagen and elasticity by creating tiny tears on your skin. It is useful for anti-aging by triggering proteins that can rebuild your skin cells. The process can help remove acne scars by healing the skin.

It is often performed by a professional, but nowadays, micro needling kits are available, and you can do a home-based therapy on your own. But it is better to get it done by a professional as they know how to do it authentically and you will see ensured results very soon.

Should You Be Using a Serum After Micro-Needling? 

The majority of skincare products contain chemicals and ingredients that can irritate your skin after a procedure. 

After the micro-needling procedure, your skin gets tears. These tears get irritated when they come in contact with any skincare product. Ideally, refrain from using anything for the next three days. 

But, Vitamin C serum can be applied after three days. Some surgeons might even use the Vitamin C serum right after the procedure because it helps in the healing process. 

How to Use a Serum after Micro-needling?

The serum contains skincare products in high concentration. It is either oil-based or water-based. You can apply the serum to your skin after cleansing and before moisturizing. However, after micro-needling, your skin will look reddish and slightly swollen. It is better not to apply the serum on the day you did your procedure. It will cause skin irritation as your face has tiny tears due to the micro-needling procedure. Serums have skincare products in high concentration. It can trigger a reaction if it is applied to a skin that underwent micro-needling.

Sometimes, dermatologists apply Vitamin C serum immediately after the procedure. It is because Vitamin C can hasten the healing process. But please do not apply Vitamin C serum on your own without checking with your dermatologist first.

You can give some time for the skin to heal, and during this time, you can avoid applying anything to your skin. Stay away from heavy creams or makeup. You can apply sunscreen if you are going out in the sun. You can start using serum after 2 or 3 days.

What Type of Serum to Use After the Treatment?

You can use Vitamin C serum which helps in the healing process. It also has anti-aging properties and can enhance the effect of micro-needling. 

But, the patient should refrain/from using any serum/product on the skin right after the procedure. Ideally, do not apply anything on your skin for two to three days. 

Similarly, you can use serum having hyaluronic acid, which can help in hydrating the face. Please use a serum that is free from fragrance, and it can trigger irritation.

After few days of the treatment, you can resume your normal routine of serum application.

In some cases, you can use Vitamin C serum after micro-needling. 

Both serum and micro-needling are good to get quick results, the treatment will produce proteins necessary for rebuilding the skin, and the serum can supply the necessary minerals and vitamins that can help in quick rejuvenation of the skin. Micro-needling prepares the skin for ready absorption of the serum. In this way, they both complement each other, and you can get the best of both by using a serum after micro-needling.


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