Dr. Tania Medina, chosen by “People en Español” magazine as one of the 25 most powerful women.


Tania Medina was also chosen for championing breast cancer prevention through the “Touching Your Breasts is Life” campaign, which has been running for two years. Last October she also included men as a wake-up call, because men also suffer from this type of cancer. On that occasion she invited actor Carlos Ponce and Doctor Bariatric.

“I thank ‘People en Español’ for including me for the first time among the 25 most powerful women. This selection encourages me to continue working for both womens’ and mens’ health, and to consolidate my medical practice from the inner self,” said Medina.

Dr. Medina leads the field of cosmetic surgery with the maxim that “we all have the right to an opinion about our own body and to change the things that bother us, but always from the inside out”.

Tania Medina is available for interviews.

About Dr. Tania Medina

A plastic surgeon from the Dominican Republic, she entered the School of Medicine of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo in 2001 and graduated with the highest honors. During her internship, she prepared for the National Medical Residency competition at the Salvador B. Gautier Hospital, where she stood out for having achieved the highest ever qualification by an intern at the time. She graduated as a specialist in the prestigious National Residency in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at the Dr. Salvador Gautier Hospital.


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