Avon Patents Anti-Aging Skin Treatment


Contains extract of a flowering plant native to mainland Southeast Asia.


• US Patent No. 10,828,243 B2 (Uma Santhanam, Jolanta Idkowiak-Baldys, Daniel Thorn Leeson, Anthony D. Gonzalez, Glen T. Anderson); Avon Products, Inc., Suffern, NY, patented a method for diminishing dermatological signs of aging in human skin. It entails topically applying, at least once daily, a first composition comprising, in a physiologically compatible vehicle, an effective amount of an extract of Tiliacora triandra for 2 to 15 days; and topically applying, at least once daily, a second skin treatment composition (a moisturizer) for 2 to 15 days. The consumer is to repeat the first two steps for a number of times sufficient to diminish the dermatological signs of skin aging.

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