Amanda Seyfried Swears By This Product For Preventing Wrinkles


While most celebrities are sneaking away to cosmetic clinics to receive all manner of non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatments, Amanda Seyfried is chilling at home.

The actress prefers to steer clear of injectables such as Botox and filler in lieu of a trendy piece of skin care that’s been taking TikTok by storm recently. 

In an interview with Allure, Seyfried admitted she was “suspect of Botox.” 

“I just am. And most of my friends do it [too].”

“What happens to it through the years?” she questioned. 

“I have a ‘1’ on my forehead,” she continued, referring to a line in the middle of her forrid. “Everybody knows about it. All of the [photographers] are like, ‘Don’t move your face this way.’”

Her solution for escaping the grips of Hollywood’s top cosmetic nurses? 

“I use a piece of tape when I sleep. It’s called Toute Nuit,” she confessed to the publication. 

“It’s just surgical tape in the shape of a triangle to keep [the wrinkle] relaxed,” Seyfried explained. “I use a new one every night.”

And she’s not the only one getting hip to the interesting anti-wrinkle hack. 

TikTokers have been sharing their journeys with anti-wrinkle tape for some time now, and the results are so impressive, many content creators have been accused of editing their after photos. 

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