Home Facial Treatments You can now get Botox at some Walmart Supercentres in Ontario

You can now get Botox at some Walmart Supercentres in Ontario

You can now get Botox at some Walmart Supercentres in Ontario


Groceries, furniture, haircuts, clothes, computers, blood tests and now Botox? Walmart really does want to be your one-stop-shop for everything. Everything.

Jack Nathan Health, a Canadian healthcare network known for opening up medical clinics inside Walmart stores, has announced the acquisition of an Ontario medispa chain called Redeem.

The goal is to bring Redeem’s “facial and body rejuvenation” treatments to Jack Nathan’s existing walk-in clinics inside local Walmart stores.

Two of such clinics are already offering services such as laser therapy, anti-aging, face, and body skin tightening, according to a release issued by Jack Nathan Health announcing the sale Thursday morning.

“Redeem Medispa is located in Walmart Medical Clinics to offer our patients professional grade services,” reads Redeem’s website.

“We offer all non-surgical and surgical skin rejuvenation services for the face and body. With our collaborative approach we can design a treatment program that suits each patient’s individual needs.”

The first of JHN’s new MediSpas can be found inside the medical clinics at Walmart Supercentres in Brampton and Vaughan.

Up to eight more are slated to open in the coming months, according to a communications rep for the company, some of which will also be in the GTA.

Botox is listed at the MediSpa locations as “a safe and effective treatment for medical conditions including migraines, hair loss and excessive sweating.”

“The acquisition is immediately accretive and highly complementary to JNH’s already well-established network of health clinics located in 76 Walmart locations across Canada where qualified Medical Practitioners use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide seamless, patient-first healthcare,” reads the release from Jack Nathan Health.

“The acquisition provides JNH Medical Practitioners, including Nurse Practitioners, with an expanded suite of ancillary professional grade treatments to offer patients and help them Live Their Best Life.”

Opinions may differ on whether or not getting botox at Walmart constitutes “living one’s best life,” but a highly-monitored, doctor-run clinic certainly seems more legit than a lot of places advertising cosmetic injections around Toronto. 


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