Yes, you can look as good as Daniel Craig in your Fifties


“3Labs WW Day SPF40 is the gold standard. This featherlight formula not only protects the skin from sun damage, but also hydrates, minimises pores and creates a shield from environmental aggressors. If you buy just one product this year, this is the one to choose.

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“As a man gets older finding a hair style or version of is all important, explains Joe Mills, founder of Joe and Co and Daniel Craig’s former groomer. “Our hair changes texture and in some case thickness and density as we get older so all of these things need to be taken in to account.

“Daniel’s cut works so well with his face shape and hair texture. It has a little height and with the closeness of the back and sides works really well with his face shape and hair texture. Ask your barber or hair stylist for a short back and sides. This should be scissor cut so it is sharp, but not so you can see the scalp. Around the hairline you should have a very light fade. On top you need around three to four inches of hair, which should be blended into the back and sides.

“To style you will need a hair dryer and a vent brush. I recommend the Dyson and Denman brush. To clean hair, apply Kevin Murphy’s Anti-gravity spray and then blow dry your hair back from your face with the brush. Your natural parting will appear and then style the top up and back and the sides down and then back. End with a wax finishing product – I recommend Oliver woods black seed wax. Apply a five pence-sized amount through your dry hair and style with the vent brush. ”

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Surgical tweakments

“Looking at Daniel Craig, his proportions are perfectly imperfect – his strong masculine qualities make him authentic and rugged,” explains London-based surgeon Dr Raj Acquilla. “The key point with treating men is to maintain their facial masculinisation. Facial Shape Optimisation, rather than permanent change, is better to create stronger features and a more powerful look, structure and angles, thereby avoiding boyish and baby face results.


“Less is more when it comes to treatments like botox for men. Daniel’s forehead is relatively smooth, but there is still retention in both the frown and forehead wrinkles. So with a man, typically speaking, I’d want to reduce activity by 60 per cent and retain 40 per cent. This is a unique male ratio so that the customer can maintain their masculine character. We’re not after the ‘frozen’ look here whereby you can’t make any expressions.


“Daniel’s brows are between 0-5 degrees vertical tilt off the horizontal – so that’s only a slight elevation of the brow. You don’t want to overdo botox as it can lift the eyebrows beyond five degrees and make them look more feminine. Craig’s eye has also got a negative canthal axis which means the outer corner of the eye aims downwards. Of course, the treatment of botox would open his eye up and potentially lift the outer corner, but again, at the risk of feminising.

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