Women Over 60 Love Korres’s Anti-Aging White Pine Spot Treatment


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“Women all over the world are struggling with skin issues directly caused by menopause and the dip of estrogen levels,” skincare brand Korres’s Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer Lena Korres told Forbes in 2020. “You lose 30 percent of collagen, 30 percent of skin lipids, and you have a 36 percent reduction in skin reproduction. It’s the most drastic change our skin will ever go through.”

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Happy shoppers say the spot treatment “changed their skin significantly,” and that it’s the “best they’ve ever tried.” Other reviewers say the moisturizer “makes their skin super plump and smooth,” and that it’s “nearly perfect.” 

So, what’s the magic behind these two superstar anti-aging products? According to the brand, the spot treatment targets and plumps fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles by way of white pine derived from the oldest trees in Europe, an ingredient that supports protein production and skin elasticity. Korres says that in product trials, 100 percent of users saw brighter, more radiant skin instantly, 97 percent say visible wrinkle improvement in less than a month, and 97 percent noticed smaller pores in less than two weeks. 

Those are some impressive numbers, and the Volume-In Moisturizer boasts much of the same. If you’ve been searching for an anti-aging product that actually works, the spot concentrate with a moisturizer as an added bonus could be the duo you’ve been searching for. If the reviews are any indication, fine lines and wrinkles simply don’t stand a chance.

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