Why You Should Invest in Powder Face Masks


It’s no secret we love a good face mask—or three. From serum-soaked sheets to deeply hydrating masks, and even DIY versions, we’ve put them all to the test. Powder masks have stood the test of time within the beauty community unlike many of the gels, creams, and sprays your medicine cabinet has cycled through. Though they are not the conventional quick pack you grab while waiting to check out at Sephora, there are many pros to their unique formula. We spoke to Palemero Body founder Jessica Morelli to get her expert advice on why these masks deserve more than honorable mention when it comes to your skin-care routine.

At their core, powder masks are made up of dry components, typically including some form of a clay base. The waterless formula means that you’ll find no preservatives, fillers or pointless additives in the ingredient list. Morelli states that “conventional cream and gel masks that have been pre-mixed with water can dry out or go bad before you’ve had the chance to use them. But with powder masks you get a longer shelf life that ultimately gives your more bang for your buck.” You’ll also find that each ingredient has a purpose and has been included only to add benefit to your skin.

Thanks to their inactive ingredients powder face masks are like skin saviors in a jar. Unlike pre-mixed products, the crucial ingredients in these masks lay dormant, activating only when you add liquid. According to Morelli, powder masks don’t always have to be diluted with water—when it comes to mixing up your mask, she aims to achieve the best consistency for spreadable ease.

Powder masks also have the transformative ability to be customized to your exact needs. Their dry make-up puts you in the drivers’ seat and allows you to control everything including the texture, activator, and additives. Almost daily the needs of your skin can change from oily and acne prone to chronically dry, so why can’t your face mask? “The great thing about additives is that they allow for more versatility” says Morelli, who often uses Greek yogurt and honey in her masks. “The lactic acid in the yogurt offers a gentle chemical exfoliation while the honey acts as a humectant, helping to draw moisture deeper into the skin.”

The process is meant to be an experience, so you’ll want to designate some self-care-spa-day time for these masks. While you don’t need fancy tools, a dedicated bowl and quality brush are good for application. You’ll also want to keep a warm washcloth on hand for gentle removal. Once you’ve removed the mask there are a few steps that should follow. According to Morelli, “your post mask routine is just as important as doing the mask itself. Clarifying masks boost circulation so following up with products that hydrate and nourish your skin ensures you get the most out of your treatment.”

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