Why Some Fans Think Angela’s Unhappy After Weight Loss

Why Some Fans Think Angela's Unhappy After Weight Loss

90 Day Fiancé cast member Angela Deem might not be happy with the results of her weight loss surgery. Is Michael the reason why Angela’s sad?

90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem’s weight loss journey is a work in progress, but several clues suggest that the meemaw is not really happy with the results. Viewers know Angela from watching her on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 2, with now-husband, Michael Ilesanmi. Despite a 20-year-plus age gap, Michael and Angela fell in love. However, while watching their stories on B90 and all the other spin-offs that followed, fans wanted Michael to leave his 90 Day Fiancé relationship. Angela and Michael disagreed a lot over things, such as him not being trustworthy and her being infertile. One of Angela and Michael’s biggest disagreements so far has been about her wanting to lose weight.


Angela’s husband kept asking her to give him a baby, but this didn’t seem medically possible for her. Angela asked her daughter to donate an egg, but Skyla refused the offer because she found the whole idea weird. Michael’s family suggested the option of Angela trying IVF, but the Georgia resident had other things on her mind. Angela decided to focus on her weight loss makeover instead of planning a baby with Michael. She wanted to surprise her young husband with her stunning transformation, which was the product of gastric balloon surgery, liposuction, and breast reduction. She had multiple procedures within a few hours.

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It’s true that Michael was never supportive of Angela’s weight loss. Fans saw this when he ghosted her as she was about to go into surgery. During her recovery phase, he fought with Angela, making her wonder if she should get a tracker installed on his phone. It was unfortunate how Michael refused to add any new photos of Angela on his social media, and kept only her pre-weight loss pictures on display. While Angela is someone who’s always ready for a fight, cast members and viewers watched as she shed tears while remembering a time when Michael had made fun of her smaller chest.

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What’s even sadder is the fact that Angela decided to get more plastic surgery just so she could make Michael happy. A meltdown, during which Angela flashed her breasts on camera, took place because Angela was on medication after flying in to film the Tell-All following breast augmentation surgery. She was asked not to fly because it would be dangerous, but the feisty woman did what she wanted, perhaps to once again impress Michael with her new look. Unfortunately, Michael didn’t support Angela during her fight with his aunt, which led to their breakup. Alas, it’s not just Michael who shaded Angela after her weight loss, as thousands of 90 Day Fiancé viewers mock her every time she tries to flaunt her figure on TikTok or Instagram.

Angela has been thin-shamed for having loose, wrinkly skin after weight loss. When Angela got Botox to deal with that issue, she was dragged for getting cosmetic procedures done at her age. This is why the reality TV star Angela appears to be stuck in a vicious cycle. She gets makeovers, fixes her teeth, and sometimes gets filler injected into her hands. It appears that Angela is seeking validation from her husband and from fans, who don’t seem to care about her at all. However, Angela does have admirers who are in awe of her confidence, because she has reinvented herself in her late 50s. So instead of being unhappy about what Michael and her critics say about her, the 90 Day Fiancé icon Angela should just skip to the good part.

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