Why I’m a Big Fan of Botox (Plus 15 Skin Products I Love)


That passion led her to start her own blog and YouTube channel, which at publishing has close to 90 million views, that has allowed her to test hundreds of different products for her tutorials and reviews. During this time, she’s learned a lot: Like how you don’t need a lot of steps and products in your routine to have good skin. In fact, Panosian says she saw the most notable improvement in her complexion when she simplified her routine. Also, it turns out drinking two liters of water a day actually does make your skin look fresh. But arguably the most important lesson she learned was to never try and force good skin. “I overused acids for a while in my 20s and ended up with leathery, dry skin. The worst part was it didn’t even get rid of the texture and breakouts. Good results won’t come overnight; you just have to be patient,” says Panosian.

Patient is exactly what she was. After a decade, she brought all of her experience and knowledge into launching her own line of gentle vegan skincare, Monday Born, which has been in business for a year now. Even though she’s focused on her brand, she still gets joy from testing others, too, and has discovered a handful of great products along the way. Keep scrolling for Panosian’s current favorite product lineup.

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