Why completely bespoke, off-label treatments are what’s next in cosmetic surgery 

Why completely bespoke, off-label treatments are what’s next in cosmetic surgery 

“Using liposuction to sculpt small areas of the lower body such as the knees and ankles is certainly growing in popularity. In the right hands this can be an effective treatment to contour stubborn areas of fat,” says Dr Jane Leonard, who practices at Harvey Nichols’ spa in London.

“I get asked more and more about body treatments, including, still, questions about filler to increase bottom size and create lift. This is not a treatment I offer, however, I have seen skin peels give amazing results to cellulite in that area, improving skin texture and elasticity to achieve a really peachy-looking bottom.”

Bespoke beauty

A doctor who’s willing to go ‘off label’ with treatments – that is, adapt its original usage for a different application – can get you excellent results via tweakments tailored to your particular skin type and issues.  When booking appointments, seek out clinical dermatologists who research and report on the latest injectables and ‘regenerative medicine’ the buzz phrase replacing ‘anti-aging’ in the cosmeceutical world. 

A cosmetic dermatologist I trust in New York does Kybella injections with great success on tummy fat, even though the multi-mini-injection Deoxycholic acid tweakment was originally formulated to dissolve double chins.

In 2021, top doctors will offer a combination of procedures rather than just one to improve peri-ocular, mid-face and jawlines. For natural results, the whole face should be considered and the latest experts will not perform a facial treatment without first considering it’s possibilities from every angle on your face for now and in the future. 

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