Why Are Young People Using Preventative Botox And What Do They Need To Know?


It is believed by some dermatologists that if botox is given at an early stage, it stops the appearance of wrinkles altogether. When is the right age to get preventive botox? Read on o find out

Botox is a drug made from Botulinum toxin, which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Though it is a toxin, when used it correctly and in small doses, it has both cosmetic and medical uses. There are other brands of botulinum toxin, such as Dysport and Xeomin. Doctors have been using botox for years to treat wrinkles and facial creases. Botox works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can’t contract, and that makes wrinkles relax and soften. Botox is injected into specific muscles using a small needle. The process takes only a few minutes, and the patient doesn’t need anesthesia. In the recent years, preventive botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures among young people to prevent signs of aging.

Speaking to the HealthSite, Dr. Madhu Chopra, MBBS DORL, internationally acclaimed Cosmetologist & Managing Director at Studio Aesthetique, shares a few important points about preventive botox including when one can start getting botox injections. Excerpts:

What is Preventive Botox?

Botox in small doses is used as a facial injection to relax muscles, preventing lines and wrinkles. Administered by a trained physician before the appearance of fine lines, this kind of botox injection is called PREVENTATIVE Botox.

When to Start Botox?

As soon as faint lines start appearing on the face and around the eyes, it is a good time to start the process. Around the age of 25, mainly those who have expressive faces or work under high stress or under pressure jobs, are the ones who experience early worry lines on the face.

It is believed by some dermatologists that if preventative botox is given at an early stage, it stops the appearance of wrinkles altogether. There are less lines and wrinkles to work with as compared to when the process is started at an older age. Therefore, in addition, less botox is needed to provide an outcome that is satisfactory.

Repetitive movements of the same muscle are the cause of most wrinkles; hence those expressions are limited by Botox which may have eventually become lines and wrinkles. The muscles relax under the skin because it acts as a nerve blocker that reduces movements of groups of muscles.

Complications of botox

If this fairly simple procedure is administered by a trained and experienced doctor, there is a little chance of complications. This kind of preventative Botox has advantages, but in terms of a fair warning, it does not STOP ageing, or formation of wrinkles.

Therefore, the only comforting aspect is that those signs of ageing are not seen and Preventative Botox is a good start if you don’t like to see a haggard lined face every single day.

While Botox is commonly used to reduce the appearance of face wrinkles, it is also helpful in treating other conditions, such as: hyperhidrosis (severe underarm sweating), Cervical dystonia (a neurological disorder that causes severe neck and shoulder muscle spasms), blepharospasm(Blinking that you can’t control), strabismus (eyes that point in different directions), Chronic migraine and Overactive bladder.

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