Who made the finals for the diagnostics 2.0 pitch track at MedCity INVEST?



MedCity INVEST at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago March 28-30 not only marks our return to in-person events, it will also highlight a diverse mix of healthcare startups as part of the Pitch Perfect contest. We’ve previewed three of the four pitch tracks so far, leaving just one left: Diagnostics 2.0.

Startups in this category are developing creative approaches to testing such as at-home tests (be it kits with results immediately available or kits that can be used to test at home and mailed out easily) or point-of-care tests with results available soon after.

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Judges for this track include:

  • Ian Chiang, Partner, Flare Capital Partners
  • Vijay Patel, Partner, CVS Health Ventures
  • Michelle Snyder, Partner, McKesson Ventures

Here’s a look at the companies:

Integrating rapid sample processing, analyte isolation and multiplexed immunoassays into a point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform can be a gamechanger for personalized health, remote monitoring and public health screening. BioMEMS Diagnostics seeks to achieve this with a biological micro-electromechanical system (BioMEMS) — a non-invasive sampling of complex biological fluids in a portable instrument delivering quantitative analysis of biomolecule panels by ultra-high sensitivity electrochemical immunoassays (EC-IA). BioMEMS assays in a small, single-use cartridge can detect a single viral, bacterial or human cell or fragment, hormone, cytokine and other organic molecule in one mL of sample (femtomolar sensitivity). This ultra-high sensitivity surpasses most lab-based analytical methods. BioMEMS assay panels have been demonstrated for anti-aging, infections, autoimmune and fertility applications. The business recently concluded a feasibility study with DSM N.V. and Bayer AG. Also, it begins shipping its Gen 1 benchtop analyzers to university research labs late March 2022. BioMEMS is domiciled in Michigan and is seeking early-stage funding.

MyBiometry’s mission is to end asthma attacks. Asthma is an $82B problem in the US with 10M attacks annually and 16M uncontrolled patients. Asthma management fails 62% of the time because its reactive. Interventions only occur after symptoms or attacks. Our platform combines patented diagnostics, biomarkers, and digital health with machine learning and a care team to monitor patients at home. It prevents symptoms and attacks by delivering guideline-based coaching and education to patients at risk.

ENTvantage Dx is a clinical trial stage diagnostics company that provides Primary Care and ENT physicians with timely information on the cause of ear, nose and throat illnesses with a rapid, in-office diagnostic test. The point of care test kit includes a proprietary collection device, bacterial assay kit and optical reader device that provides accurate, rapid, in-office diagnostic test results for determination of bacterial sinusitis. The Sinu-Test® Bacterial Sinusitis test, a Class II DeNovo diagnostic kit can definitively diagnose bacterial sinusitis and differentiate it from the more common viral sinusitis. The Sinu-Test diagnostics test kit will help providers reduce the number of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions, increase revenue to the clinic using established CPT reimbursement codes that pay $55 per test, and reduce the overall treatment costs for these illnesses from $400 to $125 with the use of the Sinu-Test. Clinical testing is underway in the U.S.

NoMo Diagnostics has developed what it claims is the first wearable neurodiagnostic that monitors brain health in real-time for a lifetime. An undiagnosed concussion is an untreated concussion. NoMo Tech is purpose-built to assess traumatic brain injury in contact sports athletes, military personnel, and industrial workers. Depending on the sport, it is estimated for every 1 concussion diagnosed 4-5 concussions go unrecognized leaving the majority vulnerable to repetitive concussions and increased risk (50-300%) for musculoskeletal injury. When left untreated, repetitive concussions can lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) causing significant neurological health issues ranging from mood disorders to dementia. The brainwave monitoring technology is fully automated as an edge AI medical device providing an immediate physiologically relevant result which through a telemetry feature can simultaneously alert a caregiver or parent prompting a full brain health assessment by a clinician. Longitudinal tracking using HL7 protocol establishes a digital health record of the brain which can be fully integrated into an individual’s EHR. Through a novel medial device as a service business model, we plan to offer our own proprietary headband and leverage current helmet/headgear manufacturer product placements as an accessory.


MESI Medical is an innovative company located in Europe that develops and produces medical devices for diagnostic purposes. MESI is focused on simplifying diagnostics, providing clinicians with predictive medical assessment, helping them discover diseases in the early stages and ensure all patients receive successful treatment. The solutions fit into all medical environments, from individual practices to hospitals and home care. With strong in-house research & development and a certified production facility, it regards itself as a trustworthy provider of digital and connected diagnostic devices.

Rubitection provides early skin health monitoring and care management. The Rubitect Assessment System includes an easy to use probe and software platform that can be used with minimal training in the home, nursing home, rehab, and hospital setting with three steps. The system allows the user to monitor incremental changes in the health of the skin to predict risk, evaluation progression, and customize care.


Vitascan is a personal nutrition company. It makes lab-quality point-of-care tests that analyze key nutrition markers from a drop of blood.


ZIO Health has developed proprietary biosensor technology, bringing lab testing to the point of care to improve patient outcomes. Using the technology, ZiO Health has developed a therapeutic drug monitoring device – a powerful tool for dose individualization to enhance drug efficacy. The device measures plasma drug concentrations at the point of care, and gives instant personalized dose adjustment information through the software component by combining health data (i.e. pharmacokinetics) and the real-time test results (plasma drug concentrations).

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