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Which Reality Stars Paid For Plastic Surgery Perfection

Which Reality Stars Paid For Plastic Surgery Perfection


Whether it’s via Botox injections, lip fillers, nose jobs, or breast implants, some 90 Day Fiancé celebrities are upgrading their looks.

Since the first episode of 90 Day Fiancé aired in 2014, people have been obsessed. What’s not to love? Couples who have met once or twice on vacation (and sometimes never at all) fly halfway around the world to propose. If that isn’t wild enough, they have 90 days to get married or they face deportation! The show is one of the most-watched reality shows in the world, and as the years have gone on, cast members seem to be getting more and more enhanced.

Whether it’s Botox injections, micro-blading, or lip fillers, cosmetic enhancement is the name of the game for 90 Day Fiancé stars. Viewers love the show and its various spinoffs. and these fans know that some of their favorite cast members weren’t born with the perfect faces and bodies they see today. Fans love it when these reality TV personalities open up about having plastic surgery.

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Paola Mayfield

Paola Mayfield 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiancé and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? alum Paola Mayfield got breast implants in her home country of Columbia before she came to the United States. Since the show, she has shared with fans that she has gotten lip fillers. Some fans have speculated that she had a postpartum tummy tuck. To that, she had this to say: “No tummy tuck for me, I haven’t done any surgery since I did my boobs in Colombia.” 

Darcey & Stacey

Darcey and Stacey Silva: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

These Day Fiancé:Before The 90 Days and Darcey & Stacey stars are fan favorites, and they are no strangers to plastic surgery. They openly spoke about having “matching boob jobs,” and they even had cosmetic procedures on the show. Last year, they released a video on their YouTube channel called The twins’ transformation (Mommy Makeovers).” See the video below:

In the clip, they say they got procedures “in tandem.”

Chantel Everett

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett 90 Day Fiancé, The Family Chantel

Chantell Everett has admitted to having “a little bit of botox.” However, many 90 Day and The Family Chantel fanatics have questioned whether or not she has ever had breast implants. In an awkward moment during The Family Chantel season 1 episode 2, Chantel responded to that question. She smiled and said, “I don’t want to say things that don’t matter.”

Fernanda Flores

We all remember when Fernanda’s then-boyfriend Jonathan “bought [her] boobies” on 90 Day Fiancé. In February of 2019, she took to social media to share her non-surgical rhinoplasty. Recently Fernanda Flores spoke about body image and self-perception on Instagram. She had this to say: “I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year, but the most important thing I’ve learned is to be kind to myself and that it doesn’t matter how others see me all that matters is how I see me. They don’t define me I define me. I’m strong, I’m brave, I’m smart, I’m beautiful, I’m blessed, I’m rich, I’m loved, I’m worth it.” See Fernanda’s current look below:

There is no shame in feeling good! Whether these stars are paying for their assets or not, fans are happy that these 90 Day Fiancé stars have confidence and love themselves.

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Source: Darcey Silva, Paola Mayfield, Chantel Everett, Fernanda Flores, Avana Plastic Surgery/YouTube

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