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National Botox Cosmetic Day is back for its second year.

Botox parent company Allergan is celebrating its most popular injectable product on Nov. 18 after seeing success on the inaugural National Botox Cosmetic Day last year. The “holiday” is celebrated on the third Wednesday of November and falls in the middle of Allergan’s busiest season for Botox injections.

“National Botox Cosmetic Day honors the iconic treatment that helped create the aesthetics category almost two decades ago,” said Carrie Strom, president of global Allergan Aesthetics and senior vice president of AbbVie. “We want to celebrate real people and their real results, while also thanking the loyal community of aesthetic health-care providers and their patients who have helped make this brand what it is today.”

Allergan is again offering a sales initiative to celebrate the holiday. The company is offering a buy-one-get-one deal on $50 gift cards and will then have a backup offer of $75 for $100 gift cards as they sell out. Once both offers are sold out, Allergan will offer its usual $100 for $100 gift cards.

The gift cards will be available to purchase exclusively through Allē, Allergan’s premium loyalty program, which gives customers points to use toward treatments.

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