What To Know Before Getting Neck Filler

What To Know Before Getting Neck Filler

Neck filler — like the majority of dermal fillers used to improve skin volume, promote collagen production, and smooth facial wrinkles — involves the injection of synthetic hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that stabilizes the moisture content in the skin and joints. A supply of hyaluronic acid, which depletes with age, helps to hydrate your skin and add volume to it. Despite widespread discussions about the effectiveness of neck fillers in treating deep necklines, dermal fillers have yet to be FDA-approved to address neck wrinkles, therefore neck fillers remain an off-label procedure.

A neck filler injection needs to be done by a professional in a clinical setting. According to EA Clinic, a surgeon will identify and mark the areas that need treated and sterilize the skin. A vibrating device or a numbing cream might be administered to minimize discomfort. Then, a surgeon will inject filler into the skin using an ultra-fine needle, though the choice of hyaluronic-based fillers varies between injectors. Dermatologist Timm Golueke, at his appointment with Glamour writer Sarah Y. Wu chose Profhilo, an injectable containing stabilized hyaluronic acid for the neck area. “It’s become very popular in the U.K. and Europe over the last few years,” he explains. Injectables aside, a neck filler is a “very technique-dependent” process, so who you go to is just as important as the chosen filler.

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