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What to know about Aster Spring’s latest treatment

What to know about Aster Spring’s latest treatment


Thinking of supplementing your skincare routine with some facial treatments? At Aster Spring, their latest Energy Firming Therapy instantly firms the skin with not just one, but two skin machines — a first for the professional skincare centre. 

If you have important events coming up on the calendar — and with Eid coming up in a couple of months, we bet you do — the Energy Firming Therapy will revitalise the skin, resulting in a smoother complexion, as the treatment focuses on eradicating fine lines and wrinkles. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Energy Firming Therapy at Aster Spring

So how does the treatment achieve this effect after just one visit? We have advanced machines to thank for that. First, the medical-grade and award-winning French anti-aging technology LPG Endermologie® uses the non-invasive Mécano-Stimulation that deliver microbeats at various frequencies. 

With up to nine levels of intensity available, you may have different experiences depending on your tolerance to the pinching sensation. Personally, when my therapist started with a level five intensity, I requested to go down a couple of notches. 

At this stage of the Energy Firming Therapy treatment, my therapist shared that it was important for us to listen to our bodies. If you feel any disconcerting amount of pain, do not hesitate to inform your therapist — the intensity will be duly adjusted. “A higher intensity does not equal better results”, she said.

We continued with a level three, and the therapist ensured me that even at a lower intensity, the treatment will still have its intended effects. But don’t just take it from me — a scientific article has been published on this procedure, where the authors conclude that the technique has successfully demonstrated clinical and visible immediate results after trialling it with thirty volunteers. 

After about fifteen minutes of the LPG Endermologie®, they layered on the magic, the freeze-dried marine collagen sheets. While it won’t be replenishing the collagen our body loses over time, these freeze-dried sheets make for a great skin moisturiser. The sheets were placed strategically, depending on your areas of concern. For me, the therapist zeroed in on my smile lines. 

Following that, you will be (quite literally) showered in a rain of toner, and the therapist will melt the sheets into the skin.

Here is where the next piece of technology come into play. Another layer to this skin rejuvenation therapy is the LDM (or Local Dynamic Micro-massage), a patented ultrasound machine from Germany. Further enhancing the absorption of the collagen sheets, the LDM increases blood circulation, boosts cell oxygen level and lymphatic energy flow.

This study finds that with the dual-frequency ultrasound capabilities of the LDM, wrinkles (both coarse and fine ones), as well as the skin’s pores, improved after going through the procedure. In the Energy Firming Therapy, the LDM is used to deliver the benefits of the marine collagen sheets into the deeper layer of the dermis. 

Between the LPG Endermologie® and the LDM, the firming effect should be both instant and long-lasting. 

What could be achieved through Aster Spring’s Energy Firming Therapy: Image credit: Aster Spring

Towards the end of the treatment, the therapist completed the service with a hydrating and depuffing Tri-Action Eye Mask and a Hydra Soothing Bio-Cellulose Mask that bathes the skin with hydration to further boost radiance and suppleness. After 20 minutes (where I included a quick snooze), I was done. 

85 minutes for this treatment came and went quickly. For my tolerance of the Mécano-Stimulation, I was rewarded with a smoother complexion, where my smile lines did not trench into my face as deeply, and eyes that appear visibly more awake. 

I may have entered Aster Spring with a full face of makeup, but I was confident to walk out without so much as a smear of concealer under my eyes. As of writing, two days have passed and the effects are still visible — to the point where a family member pointed out that I must have finally gotten enough sleep. 

For RM568 per session, and the results I have seen, it’s safe to say that it’s worth every penny. Perhaps if you have greater skin aging concerns, you would see a greater difference. For this sleep-deprived writer who is in her mid-20s, I would definitely consider going for the Energy Firming Therapy even just to achieve the undereye brightening effect.

Featured image credit: Aster Spring


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