What Olivia Munn Has Said About Her Changed Appearance


How much did she change exactly?

Olivia Munn is a 40-year-old actress who has some early pictures with gorgeous skin, cute freckles, and hooded eyes. However, in her more recent photos, people can find some striking differences.

Olivia’s Eyes and Eyebrows

The actress is half Chinese and half German, and she started as a super cute girl. The first change is her eyes, which now draw attention. When people look at her past pictures and contrast them with her latest photos, there is no denying that her eyebrows are now higher on her face.

She may have had a brow lift. Also, although she still has hooded eyes, they are a lot less hooded than before. In a few words, her eyes now look more wide open.

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Taking these two differences into account, it’s possible she achieved this through a surgical brow lift. It seems like the Doctor wisely opted not to completely change Olivia’s eyes as they were her defining feature. Her eye corners are also lifted.

Olivia’s Cheeks

She may have had cheek implants. Olivia has always had facial fat and which created a soft cheek angle, but as it can be seen in recent pics, she never had the rugged and sculpted cheek definition that she has today. The actress also didn’t have the extreme prominence of her cheekbone. This is a sign of cheek implants. Along with cheek implants, doctors almost always like to do some lift, so it’s probably that she also had a cheek lift to create that high cheekbone look.

More Cosmetic Procedures

Another procedure that fans suspect is a small nose graft to raise the bridge of her nose. The shape of her nose has changed slightly. The actress uses some lip fillers and Botox for overall cosmetic maintenance. Finally, it seems like her wide jaw was made more narrow by Botox to her master muscle, and the other procedure that was possibly performed was to widen her chin from the front point of view using a chin wing implant.

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The beauty blogger Lorry Hill calculates that Olivia’s total cosmetic procedure price is around 65.000 dollars.

Olivia Munn Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors

The actress decided to respond to critics who claim she had plastic surgery, and she calls the assumption that she had work an “unfair double standard.”

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Olivia told Fashion Magazine, “if you’re looking bad, you have to cover up. If you’re looking good, you’ve done something or made a deal with the devil.” Then, she also added, “that’s where it’s unfair: the judgment that is put on women for how we look.”

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Olivia’s career began in 2004, and her net worth is estimated to be over 20 million dollars, with the primary source of her wealth being her career in the entertainment industry. Olivia Munn had a supporting role in X-Men: Apocalypse as Psylocke. Two years later, she starred in The Predator as Casey Bracket. Olivia is also a television personality, presenter, model, comedian, and author. She has been modeling for such famous brands as skincare and cosmetics distributor Neutrogena, Pepsi, and Nike.

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