What it does, how much it costs…

What it does, how much it costs...

The propensity to constantly improve your complexion, visage and overall well-being is a notion most beauty buffs are familiar with. It’s why we invest in the most potent of serums, pampering massage packages and hair treatment services. We believe ourselves deserving of the very best—a mindset that, rightfully, extends to our choice of aesthetic treatments too. It is, after all, a billion dollar industry, and for good reason. Unlike skincare elixirs and/or microcurrent facial tools, which require sustained use for optimal results, the effects garnered from said aesthetic treatments are oftentimes immediate; a boon seeing how audiences in the modern age are accustomed to instant gratification.

Should the saturated market prove intimidating for anyone looking to venture to dip their toes into the big, wide world of cosmetic procedures, fret not. Vogue Singapore is here to help with a comprehensive lexicon to the best aesthetic treatments in Singapore, encompassing services ranging from hyaluronic acid fillers, Profhilo, and more.

Without further ado, a detailed rundown of what to expect from the most talked-about aesthetic practices out there, the potential side effects, as well as clinic recommendations based upon our personal experiences. Watch this space for more updates as the Vogue Singapore beauty team continues to chronicle our journeys with the latest and greatest in lasers, radiofrequency waves, and the like.


What does it help with: Inner hydration deep within the dermis, skin lifting and tightening with bio-remodelling anti-ageing effects, particularly on the cheeks, laugh lines, fine lines and overall complexion. “Think of Profhilo as an injectable moisturiser with skin remodelling benefits, reversing signs of ageing like skin laxity and loss of elasticity,” says Dr Rachel Ho of La Clinic, who lauds it for its ability to “enhance collagen and elastin formation and stem cell viability in the skin.” Unlike other injectable skin treatments which have only been shown to build collagen, Profhilo with its higher concentration of hyaluronic acid complexes builds both elastin and collagen to strengthen the scaffold of the skin, making it an efficient way to future-proof your youth while enhancing your skin’s radiance. One session lasts about 6 months in the skin, according to Dr Ho.

How long does it take: Profhilo has just five injection points on the face and takes less than 10 minutes, however the numbing process and prep work should set you back 30 minutes.

Downtime: Minimal swelling for one to two days; there may be sensitivity around the injection site but the treatment is nothing that arnica cream and ice can’t remedy. “Bruising is very rare and if that happens, it usually lasts less than a week,” says Dr Ho.

Vogue recommends: Armed with a steady hand and positive bedside manner, Dr Rachel Ho precisely pinpoints the five points on the face, injecting Prohilo with maximum skill and minimal discomfort, even in the chin area which seems to be the ‘touchiest’ spot of them all. A walking encyclopaedia for all things skincare, tap on her expertise on ingredients and the latest skin trends while in her beauty hot seat⁠—Dr Ho is ever enthusiastic about sharing her current skincare duds and obsessions.

Price: $1,400 for one session.

Restylane Fillers

What does it help with: These hyaluronic acid fillers prove to be exceedingly versatile, where it can be utilised in various ways to solve a wide range of visage-related concerns. Think providing facial volume for sunken-in miens, creating contours and definition for fuller faces, and even elevating sagging areas such as under the eyes or along the chin. Treatment plans are tailored on an individual basis, with Restylane fillers broadly categorised into three separate types: Restylane Lift, Restylane Fill, and Restylane Volumise.

How long does it take: Depending on the number of areas and injection sites, the procedure could take over an hour and a half. Numbing cream is also applied to the face prior to the treatment, where it will require a minimum 45 minutes to fully set in.

Downtime: This is also dependent on one’s skin type and area of improvement. In cases where a minor amount of injections are needed, recovery time is less than a day. Side effects include bruises, swelling, tenderness and pain at the injection site. Results, however, are instantaneous, with its complete effects coming into fruition after a week.

Vogue recommends: Dr. Tan Ying Zhou of Mizu Aesthetics. The founder and medical director was efficient, patient and adept with the needle, where he could discern the amount of Restylane required to help me achieve my desired face shape swiftly—one with a sharper jaw and a more defined nose tip. I’m told that Dr. Tan specialises in reconfiguring noses to boot, which showed in his assessment of my mien where he correctly identified that I had broken my nose previously. After discussing the possible side effects stated above, a thick layer of numbing cream was applied to my face and I was told to wait an hour to ensure I’d experience reduced sensation during the procedure.

Indeed, only a slight prickling pain and pressure was felt with each injection, with some areas being more painful than others. By the end of it, I had a completely restructured face with more definition and shape than before. I experienced bruising in areas where more Restylane was administered, such as at my chin and at the sides of my face. For those with thinner, more fragile skin such as mine, it is likely that the redness and bruising might last longer than expected—it took a week and a half for mine to fade completely—so do plan your schedule accordingly.

Price from: $855 per ml.

Juvederm Volux

What does it help with: Unlike other fillers, Juvederm Volux is touted more as a ‘structural’ product that adds depth to facial features. Volux is a hyualuronic acid facial filler that helps to restore and create volume around the chin and jawline. Its cohesive and elastic nature enables it to be sculpted by aesthetic doctors. And like many Juvederm fillers, it contains lidocaine to help minimise discomfort and pain. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Volux may help to reduce the signs of ageing by moisturising the skin, and restoring elasticity and tone for natural-looking results. Volux injected along the jawline for a defined and more attractive V-shape can last from 18 to 27 months.  

How long does it take: Being a lunchtime procedure, you’ll be numbed and injected within the hour.

Downtime: Minimal swelling for the first day, and perhaps a little soreness around the injection site.

Vogue recommends: Equal parts artist to aesthetic doctor, Dr Melvin Tan of Epion Clinic expertly assesses your facial features to provide your dream jawline, sans invasive surgery. Dr Tan’s  light and artful approach will have you marvelling at the subtle yet impactful enhancements to your features and leave others wondering, “Something’s fresher about her. She looks more attractive somehow.”

Price: From $1,123.50 for 1ml tube each.

Restylane Skinboosters

What does it help with: Similar to dermal fillers, skinboosters comprise hyaluronic acid—where in its case, in the form of micro droplets. The main difference between the two treatments, is that fillers are injected beneath the skin layer while skinboosters are injected into the skin to hydrate and improve overall skin quality. With regards to its purpose, fillers (as suggested by its name) are meant to fill whereas skinboosters are meant to hydrate and brighten the overall appearance. 

How long does it take: With a consultation briefing and numbing cream in place, the whole process would take about two hours, especially if your doctor should decide to also add on a post-treatment light therapy to calm the skin and reduce redness. 

Downtime: Expect redness post-treatment so be sure not to book any appointments right away. In the next day, you’ll also see some slight bruising on injected areas. 

Vogue recommends: Dr. Tan Ying Zhou of Mizu Aesthetics. Every step of the treatment was assuring as he gently checked in with every prod of the needle. The entire process was swift and painless—with a slight zap sensation similar to facial lasers. Before the actual injections, He also made sure to reiterate the after-effects of the treatment and explained what skinboosters essentially are. The bruises barely lasted for a day following the treatment, and after they eased, my skin looked brighter and less weary as compared to days where I had no make-up on while working from home. The targeted areas, particularly my cheeks, felt firmer and supple, thanks to the added hyaluronic acid. The treatment, however, is a progressive one, which means more sessions would be necessary for overall skin improvement. 

Price: From $1,150 for a full face.


What does it help with: While it is largely similar, it’s not to be confused with Botox and Dysport (all of which fall under botulinum type A injectables). It mainly reduces wrinkles and fine lines, particularly frown lines on the forehead and above the eyebrows. Designed by Merz Aesthetics, Xeomin is said to be the purest form of botulinum type A, hence granting its moniker, the naked injectable. With this formulation, it is said to reduce the chance of allergies, as compared to Botox that contains other proteins, which could trigger other conditions in some individuals. You can expect results to last from three to six months, before booking in your next consultation.

How long does it take: A lunchtime procedure through and through, with the actual injections only taking mere minutes. However, if you have opted for numbing cream beforehand, it can take up to an hour from start to finish.

Downtime: Slight bruising around the targeted areas, which will fade in no more than a few days.

Vogue recommends: Dr. Lam Bee Lan at Ageless Medical. A veteran practitioner in her field, Dr. Lam was gentle and assuring with the entire process. From consultation to the treatment, she made sure to check in at every step of the way on how I was feeling and if there were any concerns. At Ageless, their use of Xeomin is mainly targeting the full face, as compared to other clinics where it just goes by each dosage at selected areas. After evaluation, she also added injections around my jawline. The entire process only took about less than five minutes. With numbing cream applied, it was a painless procedure.

As for the results, no fine lines appeared for a while whenever I raised my eyebrows or frowned. My face did feel tighter and more sculpted in the weeks following the treatment.

Price: From $1,100 for a full face.

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