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What is TEOXANE filler? 5 dermal filler facts and tips for how to find a trusted practice

What is TEOXANE filler? 5 dermal filler facts and tips for how to find a trusted practice


Arianna Chatzidakis

Considering having dermal filler, but want to brush up on the facts first? Our handy guide will help dispel the myths and equip you with a wealth of knowledge about facial filler, including the popular TEOXANE dermal filler. Let’s decipher what is fact and what is fiction…


Top 5 myths about dermal filler

Myth 1: All dermal fillers are the same

Fact: Nope! All dermal fillers are different, having been made using different manufacturing methods and with each filler being suitable for a different area of the face. A trained practitioner will be able to advise which filler is suitable for you.

Myth 2: Dermal fillers have lots of downtime

Fact: Whilst dermal fillers have some downtime, most people report that any tell-tale signs and redness are back to normal within 48 hours. As a non-surgical procedure, they offer less downtime than other more invasive treatments. Some filler companies even offer skincare (like the TEOXANE Deep Repair Balm) to apply after treatment to reduce any redness to the area, allowing you to get back to your normal routine faster.

Myth 3: Dermal filler is a painful procedure

Fact: Everyone has different pain tolerance levels, but many people who have dermal filler report a pain free experience. Most practitioners will use numbing cream which helps with the initial injection, and the majority of dermal fillers these days contain a local anaesthetic within them which makes the treatment far more comfortable than you might expect.

Myth 4: Dermal fillers will make you look unnatural

Fact: There’s no need to look overfilled because dermal fillers have changed over time allowing for a more natural outcome. With the right product in the right place, and in the hands of an experience practitioner, there is no reason why your results shouldn’t look natural.

Myth 5: Once I start, I will have to commit to having dermal filler

Fact: Dermal fillers are a temporary aesthetic procedure. Whilst fillers generally need to be maintained every six to 24 months, there is no commitment to re-do the treatment at any stage and the product will gradually break down just as the natural hyaluronic in your body does.


What is TEOXANE filler?

TEOXANE is a dermal filler manufacturer that has established a proven track record of next generation hyaluronic acid filler solutions. Dermal fillers have been specifically designed to treat a range of aesthetic concerns, including improving the appearance of wrinkles, adding or restoring volume to the face, and improving skin quality.

The award-winning RHA range of dermal fillers, which have been voted Injectable Product of the Year at the Aesthetics Awards 2021, cleverly preserve facial expressions so that you’re not left with an unnatural or ‘frozen’ appearance. One product from this range is RHA Kiss which is specifically designed for subtle lip reshaping and volume.

Another popular product is TEOXANE’s PURESENSE REDENSITY® 2, which is specifically designed to treat the delicate under-eye area.

What are the benefits of TEOXANE filler?

One of the benefits of TEOXANE’s RHA® range of dermal fillers is that they are designed to work with, not against, your natural facial expressions, making them ideal for creating an outstanding natural look. Using RHA technology (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) means that the fillers offer natural-looking outcomes because they mimic the behaviour and characteristics of natural hyaluronic acid, which is found in our bodies.

TEOXANE’s RHA® range of dermal fillers are also known for their resilience. Unlike traditional hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, they can spring back to their original shape after being altered, stretched, bent, or compressed, with your natural facial movements.


How long does TEOXANE filler last?

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments can typically last between six to 24 months. However, this duration can vary per individual, and is based on several factors including your skin type, lifestyle and the volume of filler used in your treatment.

What is the price of TEOXANE filler?

The price of your TEOXANE filler will depend on which specific filler product is used, how much is used, and which practitioner you visit.

How can I find a trusted practitioner?

When it comes to any aesthetic treatment, research is key. Taking the time to research the practitioner, brand of dermal filler and the outcomes you should expect are a great first step when approaching dermal filler treatments. It’s also important to look for recommendations and previous reviews of both the practitioner and clinic you’re considering visiting.

If in doubt, you can contact certain filler brands such as TEOXANE to see which practitioners are registered near you. Ahead of finding a practitioner, you can also visit the TEOXANE Treatments platform, a helpful assessment which will help you find which dermal filler could be right for you.

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