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What is natural botox?

What is natural botox?


Why inject chemicals into your face when you could banish wrinkles the natural way?

Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez are two celebrities who swear by “natural botox” to relax their faces and temporarily smooth out their wrinkles. Gone are the injections that tend to freeze the face, replaced by a simple serum with powers deemed miraculous by those who have tested it, and approved it. We take a closer look at this latest anti-ageing beauty secret.

The beauty secrets of stars come thick and fast and are ever-changing – which might seem somewhat suspicious – offering a (slightly too) detailed panorama of what women might want to incorporate into their daily beauty routine. From detox juices to creams packed with amazing ingredients to facial yoga, there’s something for everyone.

Although, let’s face it, we mere mortals will inevitably still end up dealing with wrinkles, fine lines and other imperfections synonymous with skin ageing.

However, it seems that a solution could (finally) be here, the ultimate weapon – which also happens to be inexpensive – to be rid of these supposedly unsightly features (in the eyes of society), that make us freak out in front of the mirror as the years go by. This not-so-well-kept secret apparently allows the world’s biggest celebrities – from Kate Middleton to Jennifer Lopez to Madonna and Meghan Markle, among others – to instantly smooth out their wrinkles without having to go through the process of injections. A godsend for those who are put off by the unnatural effect that injections can produce.

What is ‘natural botox’?

Some specialists call this ‘miracle’ product natural botox, others call it ‘botox in a bottle,’ but in any case, it is nothing more than an anti-aging serum – a gel to be precise – which is simply applied to the face. It’s a far cry from botulinum toxin injections, which require the expertise of a trained professional and are not without risk. This could be why some people see it as a more ‘natural’ approach to botox.

The Ordinary’s “Argireline Solution 10%” – which sells for less than $10 – has long been promoted on social networks for its similarities with botox. But it is now the “Supreme Skin Gel” from the German brand Biotulin that is in the spotlight. Its main component, spilanthol, is extracted from the Acmella Oleracea plan– hence it being dubbed ‘natural’ botox. This local anaesthetic is said to relax the muscles around the eyes and lips, reducing wrinkles in just one hour.

A celeb favourite

Jennifer Lopez seems to be the reason for this sudden craze for Biotulin’s flagship product. The star officially thanked the brand on Twitter earlier this year after the Golden Globes awards ceremony. And from there, it didn’t take much for fans to assume that this was THE beauty secret behind her smooth, glowing face. Since then, the brand has revealed that the product has also found favor with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, not to mention Meghan Markle, Madonna, and even Leonardo DiCaprio. And if it’s good enough for them…

Selling for around €50 (approx. $55) for 15 ml, this “Supreme Skin Gel” is far from being cheap, but it is still much less expensive than botox injections. And it’s the price to pay, it seems, to get skin as smooth and radiant as the biggest stars on the planet.

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