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What Is Botox and Other Cosmetic Procedures

What Is Botox and Other Cosmetic Procedures


4. Who is best suited to help me with this procedure?

Massick says she recommends working with “board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons,” and notes that selecting the right doctor isn’t about “who has the flashiest website or the trendiest social media profile.” It’s more about “who has the experience, the appropriate training and credentials, the bedside manner, the professional staff and the ability to handle complications” should any arise.

Chimento agrees that working with an experienced doctor is best. “While there can always be unforeseen complications, even among the best providers, it’s wise to have these treatments performed by professionals who’ve had years of extensive training. The reason being, if there’s a complication, they’ve been trained on how to treat it.”

The number of cosmetic centers, spas and studios that have popped up lately has increased around the country, and while some of these places have experienced clinical staff on hand, some of them employ primarily aestheticians.

These individuals have been trained in some skin care procedures, such as administering facials and other treatments, but they aren’t licensed to perform injections without supervision by a medical professional, such as a physician or a dentist.

Be aware of who will be administering the actual injection if you’re thinking about having Botox or a similar procedure. In all cases, be sure to fully vet anyone you may be considering working with and check whether there have been any complaints to local licensing or certification bureaus.


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