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We tried Jennifer Lopez’s skincare line

We tried Jennifer Lopez’s skincare line


Jennifer Lopez has finally bottled her famous glow for fans — but is JLo Beauty truly the ticket to a flawless face like hers?

When the 51-year-old superstar launched her long-awaited skincare line last month, it was met with some backlash; while promoting the brand, Lopez denied ever having dabbled with Botox or injectables, instead crediting her ever-youthful complexion to SPF and olive oil — the latter of which happens to be a key ingredient in her new line.

A number of fans were skeptical that Lopez could possibly look so good without the aid of wrinkle-erasing injections, while others took issue with her pushing olive oil as a beauty cure-all.

But with her new skincare, the star isn’t simply bottling cooking oil and selling it at a markup; the brand’s much-hyped JLo Beauty Olive Complex is present throughout the line, but so are dermatologist-loved ingredients like squalane, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

So are the pricey products — which start at $18 for a sheet mask and top out at $118 for a serum — worth it? Two Page Six staffers put it to the test for a whole week to find out. Watch the video above for their full review, and learn more about JLo Beauty below.

JLo Beauty That JLo Glow Multitasking Serum ($118)

PROS: The packaging is stunning. Both Page Six Style editor Elana and Page Six’s senior news reporter Eileen experienced subtle tightening effects after applying this product, though not much in the way of immediate hydration.

CONS: At $118 for 1.5 fluid ounces, this stuff is expensive, and Eileen noticed some slight redness and irritation after using it for the first time. Similarly sensitive-skinned Elana did not, but was a bit bummed that retinol — arguably the gold standard when it comes to anti-aging skincare — wasn’t among its list of ingredients. Could a separate JLo Beauty retinol be coming down the line?

JLo Beauty That Blockbuster Wonder Cream ($58)

PROS: Elana’s favorite product from the launch, this rich, dense moisturizer is infused with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, cottonseed oil and honey extract. It could be a big win for those with very dry skin, especially during the colder fall and winter months.

CONS: Those with oily skin might find this cream a bit heavy for everyday use.

JLo Beauty That Big Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizer ($54)

PROS: Unlike the heavy-duty Wonder Cream, this sunscreen-slash-moisturizer has a lightweight, whipped consistency that makes it a better fit for daytime wear. Eileen named it as one of her favorites from the line, while Elana found that it performed well both alone and under makeup.

CONS: None.

JLo Beauty That Fresh Take Eye Cream ($48)

PROS: Both Elana and Eileen liked this product’s light, gel-like consistency and found that it hydrated and soothed nicely.

CONS: At $48 for half a fluid ounce, it’s very pricey.

JLo Beauty That Hit Single Gel Cream Cleanser ($38)

PROS: Eileen loved this cleaner’s consistency and subtle scent, while Elana appreciated how gentle and non-stripping the sulfate-free formula was — especially considering it also removed makeup well.

CONS: None, besides the high price point.

JLo Beauty That Limitless Glow Sheet Mask ($48 for three)

PROS: After being a bit disappointed by the serum, self-proclaimed sheet mask skeptic Elana was pleasantly surprised that this offered an immediate lifting, firming and brightening effect. The two-piece mask even has ear loops — like a cloth face covering — to ensure it stays put as the ingredients get to work.

CONS: At $18 a pop (or $16 if you buy the three-pack), it’s among the most expensive sheet masks on the market.

JLo Beauty That Star Filter Highlighting Complexion Booster

PROS: Available in four different shades (so far, at least), this illuminating serum can be used in multiple ways — mixed with moisturizer or foundation for an all-over glow, dabbed onto the high points of the face like a highlighter or even mixed with body lotion to bronze your arms and legs.

CONS: Those going for a more dramatic highlighter look might find this product’s effects too subtle; it offers more of a glow than a gleam.


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