Wayne Newton’s ‘Face Is Melting,’ Allegedly Gone Too Far With Plastic Surgery, Claim Unverified Sources


Is Wayne Newton beyond repair? One report says his copious amount of plastic surgery has left him with a face incapable of movement. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Plastic Surgery Horror At 80!’

According to the Globe, Newton’s face appears to be melting. The Las Vegas legend has left fans worried after he was spotted at the Super Bowl. “Like a lot of performers, Wayne’s petrified of aging and looking old,” a source says. “Now he just looks scary, like his face is thawing and dripping to the floor.”

Nearly every part of his face has changed over the last few decades. A source snidely says, “He has no eyelids… his mouth is a weird Joker grin and even his hairline looks fake.” A cosmetic surgeon believes Newton is the victim of several botched facelifts. 

His wife, Kathleen McCrone, is apparently trying to get him to stop. A source concludes, “Kathleen is worried and telling him to quit. But Wayne can’t seem to stop himself. He seems addicted to surgery.”

What’s Going On With Wayne Newton?

The magazine also manages to mislabel Wayne Newton’s wife as “Katheen McCrone.” This isn’t a big deal, but the lack of attention to detail from the Globe is not a good omen for this story. McCrone and Newton wed in 1994, so it’s safe to say she’s fine with how he looks after nearly 30 years together. The random cosmetic surgeon is openly speculating on medical procedures, which is also reckless.

While Newton’s earned his reputation for plastic surgery, the tabloid purposefully compares his appearance in 2022 to how he looked in 1983. No one is going to look the same after about 40 years. If you look at the singer now compared to sometime in the past decade rather than way back in Newton’s extremely long career, he basically looks the same. In recent interviews, Newton looks entirely recognizable and absolutely fine.

There’s no denying that Newton’s gotten work done, but it’s not news. The bulk of this story is spent attacking the man’s appearance in every way the tabloid can think of it. It’s all just cruel and unnecessary.

Other Body Attacks

This tabloid has a habit of attacking celebrities for how they look. Last year, it claimed Julianne Hough had gone overboard with plastic surgery as well. It used the exact same term “meltdown” to describe Shirley MacLaine. The Globe ought to show more respect to the Apartment legend.

According to the outlet, Madonna was unrecognizable and Goldie Hawn ruined her face with plastic surgery, yet they’re pretty easily identified. Plastic surgery is a choice that needn’t be attacked. It’s just not kind.

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