Wait ‘Til You See Kendall Jenner’s ‘Exploded Lips’ On Instagram—Fans *Beg* Her To Stop Doing Plastic Surgery!


The most natural Kardashian/Jenner might not have that title for much longer, as it seems like she is rapidly catching up with the rest of her sisters in terms of (alleged) cosmetic surgery. Kendall Jenner has come under fire for her latest Instagram Story, as she unveiled some larger-than-life lips that have fans convinced are way more than just makeup and an Instagram filter!

The 26-year-old model posted a video to her Instagram Story on Monday, March 22nd, where she can be seen making a combination of silly, smiley, and sultry faces for the camera. But the thing that commanded *all* of the attention was Jenner’s lips, as they appeared bigger than we have ever, ever seen! How much longer can she insist that she hasn’t had any work done, we wonder?!

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While the 818 Tequila founder has obviously overlined her lips (the way younger sis Kylie Jenner taught her how!) fans are convinced that makeup is just the beginning of her almost-frightening new look; and they are also reluctant to believe that the model has just used a filter to achieve the “cartoon” like appearance! Naturally, akin to Kendall’s lips, Twitter exploded with comments in relation to her latest video! “Breaking: Kendall Jenner’s lips have exploded. In other news: Los Angeles area dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons report being out of filler,” one Twitter user wrote as a caption to a side by side before and after picture of the model’s lips.

“Why would anyone disfigure themselves like that? It’s awful – and sad,” someone replied, while another asked, “Is Kendall embarking on a new venture to portray a live version, maybe a musical, of Jessica Rabbit?” “She looks like a cartoon character,” wrote another fan. Many fans also said that Kendall shouldn’t have messed with her lips, as they deemed her the most beautiful and the most natural of the famous family, with one Twitter user writing, “Awww damn, she was my favorite bc she never altered herself, that’s all gone now. Sad.” “Went from very pretty to OMG what’s that?” another wrote.

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