Vogue Williams talks Botox – she ‘loves it’ when people say her face doesn’t move


What a month it’s been for Vogue Williams. The Irish model, 36, and her husband Spencer Matthews, 33, have just become a family of five, welcoming a new baby brother for Theodore, three, and Gigi, one. She announced they were “bursting with love” on Instagram and “he is the perfect addition to our family”.

Although many women go into nesting mode in the run-up to their due date, Vogue’s life was as “absolutely bonkers” as ever, filled with family duties, podcasting, modelling and her own tanning brand, Bare By Vogue Williams.

Shortly before her son’s arrival, we caught up with the presenter to ask how she manages to do it all…

The model, presenter and mum of three talks beauty, babies and married bliss with Spencer Matthews
The model, presenter and beauty boss has just become a mum of three

Vogue, you’re looking great, what’s your secret?

I’m not just saying this to plug my tan brand but it’s what keeps me looking alive. Whenever I feel c**p, I just put on a fresh layer. I’m naturally really pale, and my eyes are like panda eyes. I fly through Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Away concealer!

Have you changed your skincare now you’re in your thirties?

I switch my regime up all the time. I love skin care, and going for facials is my ultimate treat. At the moment I do a lot of home face masks but I can’t wait to get some treatments in. I’m writing myself a list of what I’d like!

Would you consider Botox or fillers?

I definitely would, but I don’t know if I’d talk about it too much because then it’s the only thing that people ever talk about. People actually say it now, I see the comments on the podcast video, like “oh your face doesn’t move” and I’m like, jeez, that’s a great compliment because I definitely do not have Botox.

But I love [injectable moisturiser] Profhilo – that’s quite invasive but it just makes your skin so good. I’m going to try Morpheus8 as well. So there’s a lot you can do without botox and fillers.

What are your beauty must-haves?

I use SPF50 every day. I don’t put foundation on every day but I’ll always wear concealer and self tan, and I’ll put my new Face Tanning Serum on every three days. It gives you a glow, it moisturises and you look healthier. I love it for that.

To maintain her glowing complexion, the star applies the Bare By Vogue Williams Face Tanning Serum every three days
To maintain her glowing complexion, the star applies the Bare By Vogue Williams Face Tanning Serum every three days

Does Spencer use your range?

He’s had to learn to do his own tan on himself, because I find it’s exhausting tanning him. My fitness watch was picking it up as an activity! I was like ‘I’m not doing your tan all the time, no way!’ He’s actually quite good at it now.

What kind of dad is Spencer?

He’s really fun, and a really good dad. He makes up short stories for Theodore every night, which I’m glad he does because I’m too tired by 7pm.

What have you learned about yourself from being a mum?

I have a lot of patience now. Motherhood has been a really amazing journey for me, and I’ve loved every moment. Well, maybe not some of the sleepless nights [laughs].

Are Theodore and Gigi becoming their own little people already?

Yeah, they’ve got different personalities as well. Gigi’s very defiant at times, if she wants to get her way, she will! She’s hilarious. Theodore is so intelligent – he asks about 10 billion questions a day and he’s so kind. He’s a really lovely little boy.

Do you think you’ll have a fourth baby?

I think that we’d be very happy with three but you just never know. Spencer would have a million babies but he’s not the one who has to be pregnant!

Has being parents changed your relationship?

You’re definitely brought closer together when you become parents. Our life together has changed naturally; we were a little bit wild at the start of our relationship, we loved going out loads, but that’s not really our thing any more. Spenny doesn’t drink any more, and we’re more into dinners and going home early. We grew up!

Vogue says that parenthood has brought her and her husband Spencer 'closer together'
Vogue says that parenthood has brought her and her husband Spencer ‘closer together’

Do you feel any pressure to snap back into your pre-pregnancy shape?

Definitely not now. Maybe with Theodore I felt the pressure that I put on myself, but not now. You just need to look after yourself. Getting your pelvic floor back is more important, I think. I go on this special buzzing chair called the PelviPower, and it’s amazing.

Has having kids changed your body?

I think your body will always be slightly different because you’re stretched to within an inch of your life. But I’m quite lucky being so tall; I hold [a pregnancy] differently. There’s more space for the baby.

Are you planning to be on maternity leave for a while?

I’ll definitely take a break, but a lot of my jobs are done from home, so I’m happy to continue with those. I’ll just see how I feel. After I had Gigi, I felt amazing and sprung back to life quickly, but you just don’t know.

Face Tanning Serum from Bare by Vogue Williams is a self tan/ hyaluronic skincare hybrid, £25 in three shades, available at barebyvogue.com from 5 May

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