Video: Alicia Machado shows live how botox is applied


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Alicia Machado shows live how botox is applied

Alicia Machado looks spectacular at 45 years old. After succeeding in the reality show La Casa de los Famosos and losing more than 11 kilos, she once again looked like a Miss Universe. However, the Venezuelan does not want her age to show on her face, which is why she decided to resort to the benefits of botox and thus soften her expression.

During a live that she shared on her official Instagram account, the former Miss Universe shared with her more than 1.9 million followers the entire botox session that plastic surgeon Luis Gil performed on her.

“We are going to do a little facial retouching by applying a little toxin in the frontal area to improve the corrugator area between the eyebrows, to put a little botox so that you can see how your softest facial expressions look,” said the surgeon.

In the session, the professional applied botox only to the former beauty queen’s eyebrows to remove any kind of harsh expression. “I am going to succumb to the pleasures of botox (…) This has been my beauty weekend, I came here to the hands of my dear Luis Gil, a very successful surgeon (…) I have always been very natural, but one no longer knows It cooks at the first boil, I fell into the hands of botox!” Machado said from the specialist’s office located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

In the video, the surgeon explained that the botulinum toxin temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles so that the face does not wrinkle, the effect lasts between 4 to 6 months and is absorbed naturally, so it does not produce facial deformity.

After the application of botox, Machado joked about the effects that the substance will have on his face. “When I’m angry they won’t notice anymore because I’m not going to frown. I decided that I am not going to be angry anymore,” he noted.

In recent statements made on the program Ventaneando (TV Azteca) and published by People en Español, Machado revealed that he feels the same as many women when noticing the effects of time on his face.

“We all have moments of insecurity, even if you are Miss Universe. There are days that I wake up in the morning and say ‘My God! I’m a monster’. It is very dangerous because that is when many of us go to any cosmetologist, any healer who tells you that he is going to put you on, he is going to fill you in, he is going to do you (…) I have been saved from several because, like any woman, I have gone, perhaps, to places that have not been the best; I have tried to do things seeking to maintain that beauty, ”she said, highlighting the importance of resorting only to certified and prestigious professionals.

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