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Vampire-obsessed bodybuilder pays £300 for fangs

Vampire-obsessed bodybuilder pays £300 for fangs


A vampire-obsessed bodybuilder has transformed her appearance with fangs.

And Sara Holda is now considering more extreme facial procedures to look like Angelina Jolie in Maleficent.

Part of a witches’ coven at school, the 34-year-old, then graduated to becoming a real life vampire – splashing out $400 (£292) on fangs as a Christmas present to herself in 2019, before spending another $100 (£73) having them enlarged last year.

Pumping iron since 2010, waitress Sara is a formidable sight, revealing her incredible muscles as she lifts up to 315lb (22st 5lbs) – the weight of a reindeer – as well as showing off her “vampy, high cheekbone look”, which is accentuated by dissolvable cheek fillers.

Sara, of Nashville, Tennesee, USA, who has also had regular Botox injections in her forehead and cheeks to look youthful for the last six years, said: “I was on the treadmill at the gym one day back in 2010 and was watching these guys lift weights. They looked like they were having so much fun.

Sara Holda loves her piercings and fangs

“So, I just got brave and went up to them and asked them if they could teach me how to do it.

“Seeing my body change – even within the first month – from boobs and curves into muscle, was really addictive.”

While Sara, who is single, dabbled in local bodybuilding competitions, she was far more interested in the aesthetic side of the sport and posed for some female bodybuilding websites as a model.

She said: “Soon, I had bulging biceps and firm thighs. I was really hooked on the transformation and, to me, the vampire look was a natural progression.”

Always interested in the occult, as a teenager she persuaded her mum to buy her a ouija board.

And, inspired by cult teen flick The Craft, she started a coven with three girlfriends at elementary school.

“It was adorable,” Sara recalled. “We hid in our parents’ basements, lit candles and did ouija boards and cast spells to make our enemies’ hair fall out like they do in the film.

“They say sometimes these things take a long time to come to fruition, so I’m still waiting for my spells to work.”

She continued: “I’ve always been so fascinated by vampires, too – the fact they have eternal life, super strength, their look, the biting of the neck thing. Everything about them is so cool to me.

“Everyone’s obsessed with eternal youth and is getting plastic surgery to keep it these days – and vampires are beautiful forever, too.”

As a child, growing up in the small town of Flora, Indiana, Sara also loved superhero cartoons like X-Men – particularly the shape-shifter Mystique – and vampire movies like the Blade franchise.

A goth at one point in her teens, dying her hair bold colours and wearing black clothes and lipstick, her fascination with all things supernatural grew.

“I definitely had that goth phase, except I just never really grew out of it,” Sara laughed. “It has just evolved over time.”

Sara Holda at the gym

So, enhancing her honed appearance with vampire fangs seemed like a logical next step, as her pursuit of body modification intensified.

Approaching a dentist in 2019, Sara asked if he would perform the procedure, expecting him to say no – but he was happy to help.

With the same material used to fill cavities, he moulded two fangs onto her canines, bonded them to her teeth and filed them into points.

She said: “I was so surprised. I didn’t think he would do it. He admitted he’d never done anything like this before, but I was just so happy he would give it a go.

She continued: “It took 20 minutes in total, door to door – no numbing, no putty or anything.”

And it was love at first bite when she saw her fangs – although she wished that they were even bigger.

She said: “My dentist was against making them too big.”

She added: “He said a trial and error approach was best in case I had any problems with them.”

While it took Sara a little while to adjust to speaking and eating with her fangs, her family fully embraced her new look.

She said: “My mum didn’t notice for a couple of days – my grandmother and brother did, but not her.”

She continued: “She wasn’t sure at first, but I think she likes them now – and my grandmother loves them. I think they’re used to this kind of thing from me.”

Sara Holda before she started bodybuilding in 2010

And while her employer has a strict dress code regarding tattoos and piercings, fangs are not on the list.

Sara said: “My regulars at the diner absolutely love them. They are such a cute conversation starter. I’ve always thought I had a great smile but the fangs really accentuate it.”

She continued: “But I’m really annoyed that I have to keep them covered up with a mask during the pandemic – I just want to show them off to everyone.

“I like to tease kids a little bit. I’ll smile and show my fangs and wink at them – and they’ll go all shy and hide behind their mums.”

By posting pictures of her look on her Instagram account @bodybyanxiety, Sara has discovered a huge underground vampire community online, whose tastes ranged from dressing up to more extreme rituals.

Sara, who says she will not be drinking human blood any time soon, added: “If I could actually become a vampire, that would be awesome.

“I see that people do a lot of ritualistic stuff that is more Satanic, but I think that’s kind of silly. I just enjoy the look side of it.

“That said, if I was invited to a vampire party I would definitely go.”

While she is not in a relationship, she says her fangs are a great ice breaker on dates, too.

She said: “People ask a lot of questions and I’ll often hear the line, ‘I hope you don’t bite,’ which opens up a bit of flirting.”

In December last year, Sara spent $100 (£73) having her fangs enlarged using the same technique with the same dentist.

But she has not ruled out having her canines removed and replaced with dental implants to make them even bigger.

A fan of Botox and fillers, she is also considering plastic surgery to make her breasts – which are mainly muscle now due to bodybuilding – bigger and to have more extreme cheek bones.

Sara Holda loves her muscular body

She said: “I want my cheeks to have more structure, like Angelina Jolie in Maleficent – she looks so beautiful in that.

“Before bodybuilding I had boobs and curves, so it would be fun to get them back too. But plastic surgery is a big commitment.”

Instagram is her favourite platform for posting updates on her incredible appearance.

Sadly, an account she launched in 2012 called @theunicorn_, which boasted almost 50,000 followers, was hacked and closed down in 2016.

But her latest Instagram – where she poses in lingerie and risqué outfits for her fans – has almost 3,500 followers and she is keen to encourage other people to get fangs and express their inner selves through their bodies, too.

She said: “People like to trick out their cars or decorate their homes, but the body I live in is my home on this earth, so while I’m here I’m going to trick it out too and make it nice.”

She concluded: “You only live once – although for a vampire that can be forever – so just do it.”


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