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UP HPA Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

A health and well-being reference

The HPA Health Group and the Up Clinic started a new health and aesthetic project that aims to be a reference in the various regions where HPA operates. With this in mind, a concept of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine was created and a brand developed that aims to serve all those looking for rejuvenation, facial correction and body remodelling treatment.

Our purpose is to make everyone’s dreams and wishes come true in relation to their body, resulting in physical, psychological and social well-being, while respecting each one’s individuality, improving self-esteem and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Taking advantage of the synergy between the international specialization of Up Clinic as a partner of national reference in aesthetics and the quality and coverage of the HPA Group, this new project was born, offering an excellence guarantee as a health care and well-being provider.
The UP HPA medical team will be led by two specialists from the UP Clinic Team, both national references; in Plastic Surgery Dr Tiago Baptista Fernandes and in Aesthetic Medicine Dr Vítor Figueiredo, both excellent professionals with extensive experience. Several professionals from both the Up Clinic and the HPA Group will be integrating the UP HPA medical team.

All Plastic Surgery procedures will be performed, but there is a special focus on procedures that guarantee the best results:
Breast: Breast Augmentation and Prosthesis Replacement

Body: High definition liposculpture and Lipoabdominoplasty
Face: Facelift, Neck lift and Facial Hyalostructure

In Aesthetic Medicine, the major facial and body, non-surgical rejuvenation procedures will be: Peelings; Fillers; Dark circles; Non-surgical Rhinoplasty; Laser and Radio Frequency; Facial Threads; Lips; Ear lobes; Neck; Cleavage; Hyperhidrosis; Hands; Mesotherapy and Lipolysis and Plasma Growth Factors.

Body contouring is one of the most important procedures of modern plastic surgery. Localized fat and flaccidity, both in women and men, is a problem that affects different age groups and motivates a visit to the plastic surgeon. The UP HPA team is specialized in this type of surgery and has created a unique concept: the Bodysculpting®.

In terms of the gold standard body contour surgery, it only makes sense to begin the procedure, aided by vibro-liposuction, laser, VASER (ultrasound) or internal radiofrequency, in a personalized combination, according to each individual’s skin type.

High Definition Liposuction
We have recently observed an evolution in the quality results of liposuction. The muscle definition, natural look and dynamics as well as the recovery period after surgery are unique.
This technique, created by the Colombian Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, is possible through a deep knowledge of the human anatomy and proper handling of the fatty tissue. Here, the surgeon’s experience and common sense are paramount.

In this type of surgery, postoperative recovery is essential and we have a support network of beauticians and dermato-functional physiotherapists throughout the Algarve with whom we are in permanent contact.

Information and appointment can be made via our Call Center: Tel (+351) 282 420 400

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