Union county family could face charges for possible animal abuse


COBDEN, Ill. (WSIL) — More than a dozen animals are being cared for by Union County Animal Control after being seized during a possible animal abuse and neglect warrant.

Thirteen animals in total were taken into custody.

Authorities tell News 3 WSIL, this wasn’t the first time this family has had animals taken from them.

The Union County Animal Control Center served a warrant to a family for possible animal neglect and abuse.  

While on the scene, they seized six cats, six dogs, and a ferret.

“Our vet came out, looked at the animals, weighed them.  She rated them a three and below.  Which meant they were not getting enough food and water,” said Union County Animal Control Center Administrator Tiffany Dillow.

The Animal Control Center said they’ll have the animals pending charges from Union County States Attorney’s Office.

“We will continue taking care of them to the court date, our vet will continue coming out and checking on them.  We’ll monitor their weight, we’ll monitor their health and make sure that they are getting everything that they need here,” said Dillow.

Dillow has contacted a few rescues to take a few of the puppies.

They welcome foster families to help with care once the animals’ health is more stable.

The Union County Animal Control Center is taking donations for those animals.

They have more information on their website.

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