UA graduate Lamise ElBetar faces another fork in the road


Lamise ElBetar, the Egyptian woman with two University of Akron graduate degrees who has captured many hearts in the community, is continuing her search for the perfect job to guarantee she can stay in the country and seek medical help for what she calls her “facial difference.” 

Lamise (pronounced Lah-meese) has been featured in several Beacon Journal articles chronicling her journey and the outpouring of support she’s received from Greater Akron and the University of Akron community. 

Lamise ElBetar:Brave Face: Start Lamise’s Akron Beacon Journal story 11/24/18

Lamise, 37, is at another fork in the road in her journey. She must either find another full-time job in the United States, extend a local Akron job she has on a contract basis or potentially go back to Egypt and apply for a doctoral program to return to the United States. 

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