Tv Azteca actor suffers from the brain, he has to inject himself

Tv Azteca actor suffers from the brain, he has to inject himself

Many recognize them for their great talent for acting and singing, Alex IbarraTV Azteca actor confessed in an interview that he has a brain ailment in the area that connects with the ropes vowelsan affectation that does not stop him from speaking very well, but that he has surprisingly overcome with a method.

“The cable that connects the brain to the strings sends a sign wrong so that he has spasms”, were the words with which he began explaining his situation, which stops him from continuing to work as an actor even in plays.

He was talking in an interview with come the joy that there is a way to control this situation, injecting botoxbut when he does not inject himself as he gave the interview, it would be his “worst version”, as he said in his own words.

He also assures that when he is doing theater he can fake his voice and change it to one that does not sound so affected, something very funny, because he cannot use his own voice in that state.

He has been in this situation for more than 20 years but it is progressive, it gets worse and worse but he assures that he is used to it and that he can control it with those aforementioned injections.

He also assured that when he feels that there will be a season of a lot of work, he better injects himself to be able to do everything smoothly, but sometimes he prefers to remain without the treatment.

We don’t know what other effects you have from this method, but we also know that you have been looking for many others, discovering that only botox has been able to keep things, for a few moments, under control.

Alex Ibarra continues to work, in fact, he recently presented his play and has had to get used to this fact, which has been very curious for many Internet users.

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