Tried & Tested: The Liquid Facial

Tried & Tested: The Liquid Facial

Filler-shy marketing manager Nicole Brown wanted a natural, youthful look without appearing overdone. She put Dr Joseph Hkeik’s handiwork to the test.

What is it? The “liquid face lift”, a combination of dermal fillers and muscle-relaxant injections.

What it promised: This nonsurgical treatment aims to restore youthful contours by supporting facial structure and refining tone and texture.

What I wanted: To soften my lines and prevent sagging skin. I also wanted to increase volume in my chin to help rebalance my face.

What happened: Hkeik recommended I have filler injected into my cheekbone area to stop sagging. He also suggested filler on either side of my chin to add support to the lower part of my face, finishing off with a little botox to soften wrinkles on my forehead and around the eyes. After anaesthetising these areas, he administered four injections of a new filler called RHA 3 and then massaged my face for 10 minutes, moving the filler into place, before finishing with a small amount of botox. I couldn’t feel a thing and had no bruising afterwards.

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About RHA 3: This new product by Teoxane is less stiff than other fillers and allows for facial expressions and movement, making the results look more natural and last longer (about 18 months).

The result: I noticed changes instantly after our one-hour session. Thankfully the work was subtle and natural-looking. I applied foundation and returned to work for an afternoon of meetings, and no-one suspected a thing. Two weeks later, my face had eased into it. I looked refreshed but not overdone – a better version of myself.

Where to get it: All Saints Skin Clinic, Double Bay; allsaintsclinic.; 02-9696 5050

Price: From $2000

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