TOWIE: the changing faces of the cast


Sam Faiers before and after

Sam Faiers before and after

Sam Faiers before and after ©Shutterstock & Getty Images

Mum-of-two Sam, 30, rose to fame in TOWIE in 2010, alongside sister Billie, and they’ve since gone on to enjoy success with their reality show The Mummy Diaries.

Cosmetic practitioner Amar Suchde, of AMS Aesthetics, believes ageing has “played a big part” with Sam’s changing face shape, but adds, “She may have had filler in her cheeks to make her face balanced.”

Sam’s always denied having work done, instead insisting that good facials and skincare products are key, saying, “We’ve just always looked after our skin.”

Billie Faiers before and after

billie faiers before and after

billie faiers before and after ©Shutterstock & Getty Images

The other half of the Mummy Diaries duo, Billie, 31, joined the cast in 2010.

Amar believes Billie’s changed appearance is mostly due to weight loss, but suggests she may also have had filler. He says, “Her face has most likely changed with age, and she’s slimmed down a lot. She may have had a little filler in her lips and maybe some in her cheeks for definition.”

Billie said she only relies on natural remedies and facials and has never been under the knife, adding, “I feel like when you’re a celebrity, people assume you have work done.”

Ferne McCann before and after

towie ferne mccann before after

ferne mccann before after ©Shutterstock & Getty Images

The former TOWIE star, 30, looks different from her fresh-faced self in 2013, when she joined the show.

She had a nose job in 2016 after feeling self-conscious, but insisted, “It was the only thing I wanted to get done.” She has also admitted to having her teeth “tightened” with braces – but despite her fuller pout, has denied having lip fillers or any other work.

Amar comments, “The work she’s had is subtle. She looks to have had filler injected in her cheekbones, which creates a lifting effect. She looks like she may have had lip filler, too.”

Kelsey Stratford before and after

Kelsey Stratford before and after

Kelsey Stratford before and after ©Getty Images & Shutterstock

The 20-year-old is a recent addition to the show, and one of the youngest, having only joined the cast in 2019.

She made quite an impression in her first scenes, with her flowing blonde locks, but Kelsey has already undergone a transformation.

While she hasn’t commented on her changing looks, Amar says, “Kelsey does look different. She seems to have had filler in the base of her nose, as well as her lips. I’d also say she’s possibly had Botox to lift her eyebrows, but she doesn’t need to at her young age.”

Georgia Kousoulou before and after

Georgia Kousoulou before and after

Georgia Kousoulou before and after ©Shutterstock & Getty Images

Georgia, 29, joined the show in 2014 and after “always hating [her] nose”, decided to have surgery in 2017. At the time, she “instantly regretted” her decision as she “barely recognised” herself afterwards, but has since got used to her new look.

Although Georgia – who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Tommy Mallet, 28 – hasn’t commented on any other work, Amar says, “She looks to have filler in her lips and she has admitted to a nose job, which looks fine. It also seems like she’s had filler in her jaw, but it could be down to clever make-up and how she’s posing.”

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Chloe Sims before and after

Chloe Sims before and after

Chloe Sims before and after ©Shutterstock

Original cast member Chloe, 36, has been open about her cosmetic procedures, saying, “I’ve had fillers in my face, around my mouth and in my lips. I still have Botox, but not as much as I did years ago.”

She’s also admitted to veneers, two boob jobs and a Brazilian butt lift. Amar comments, “Chloe’s work has been done to create a more heart-shaped face. She’s done this by having filler injected into her cheeks to widen their width, while elongating her chin with filler. She’s had filler in her lips and probably in her jawline for definition. Her nose is a bit narrower, but that could be make-up contouring.”

Demi Sims before and after

Demi Sims before and after

Demi Sims before and after ©ITV & Shutterstock

Chloe’s younger sister, Demi, 22, has never spoken about surgery or cosmetic work, but fans have commented on her drastically different appearance in recent years. She made her debut on the show in 2014, and is now a leading character.

Amar believes that she’s had a number of procedures, saying, “There’s definitely filler in her lips, and I believe she has had something done to her nose, too – it could be surgical or non-surgical, like filler. I’d also say she’s had filler in her cheeks and chin to widen her jaw, and possibly Botox.”

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