Top 10 Richest Plastic Surgeons in the World


Plastic surgery has become safer and less intrusive, with a faster recovery period and reduced costs because of technological advancements. As a result, people are not so afraid of it anymore. They are more likely to consider and embrace surgery as a viable alternative for improving their physical features. Consequently, many plastic surgeons are being sought after. Here are the leading plastic surgeons right now.

Top 10 Wealthiest Plastic Surgeons:

1. Dr. Terry Dubrow – $50 Million

The 63-year-old Dr. Terry Dubrow considers himself to be one of the world’s top plastic surgeons, and he’s not afraid to show it on mainstream media. He is well-known not only for his excellent work but also for his multiple appearances on national television.

He gained popularity for his involvement on The Swan, as well as co-hosting Botched and its spin-off show Botched by Nature. He and his wife, Heather, are also featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Terry also co-hosted Good Work, a talk show about plastic surgery.

Dubrow has operated on the reality TV star Allyson Donovan as a reward for winning the 2011 game show Bridalplasty. With his fame and obvious expertise, the celebrity surgeon offers rates ranging from $30,000 to $100,000 to get an estimated net worth of $50 million.

2. Dr. Leonard Hochstein – $20 Million

Regarded as the best in Miami, Florida, Dr. Leonard Hochstein is a master of body contouring and breast augmentation. This is why he is dubbed the Boob God. For 15 years, he has been the go-to cosmetic expert for women who feel conscious about their body measurements.

He was born in Russia, but he studied his profession in the United States in hopes of getting maximum opportunities. And that, he had. Like Dr. Dubrow, Leonard makes TV appearances. He is featured on Miami Slice. With his wife, Lisa, he also showed up in The Real Housewives of Miami.

Hochstein has over ten thousand successful cosmetic surgeries under his belt. Though their names are confidential, it’s known that he has worked with high-profile models, artists, and porn stars. He wisely advertises his service, and now his net worth is over $20 million at 55 years old.

3. Dr. Kevin Sands – $20 Million

With his renowned Beverly Hills clinic Kevin B. Sands, DDS, Dr. Kevin Sands is one of the finest dentists in the state of California. He still qualifies to be on this list of the most affluent plastic surgeons as he is a cosmetic dentist trusted by many public figures in his area.

Sands became famous for his role in Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills, a Netflix reality show that presents some of the most unique and brilliant medical specialists in the field of body image enhancement. He’s also been in acclaimed publications like US Weekly and Life & Style.

The dental guru has performed surgical procedures on a slew of celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, and plenty of others. With a net worth of $20 million, Kevin Sands has amassed considerable riches from his work and reputation.

4. Dr. Chris Moss – $20 Million

Dr. Chris John Moss is most recognized for his work in the 1990s when he expanded the scientific grasp of delicate facial anatomy. His work has subsequently helped revolutionize current facial rejuvenation treatment. This makes him undeniably one of the best plastic surgeons in the world.

He started his career in Australia and is still operating there. competence in surgical and non-surgical face rejuvenation is remarkable. With his skills, Chris became a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and a fellow of The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS).

He continues to develop technology that expands the range of options available to his clients. As for his media presence, he and his wife, Andrea, are cast members of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. All of this makes the brilliant doctor worth $20 million.

5. Dr. Garth Fisher – $15 Million

Specializing in the face, nose, and breast, Dr. Garth Fisher is a plastic surgeon who is best known for being the first doctor chosen for ABC’s Extreme Makeover reality series. His fame grew as a result of the show, and he attracted a large number of clients.

He was also featured in other programs, including The Insider, Extra, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Premiere Radio, Fox Radio, and more. Several newspapers and magazines have interviewed and written about Fisher. Every year, he is a part of America’s Foremost Surgeons directory.

The celebrity doctor takes satisfaction in being known as the exclusive Kardashian cosmetic surgeon and one of Hollywood’s top choices for executives and artists. He is also the rumored doctor for Kate Hudson, Lisa Rinna, and Nichole Richie. That is why he’s worth $15 million.

6. Dr. Robert Key – $14 Million

When talking about medical experts who star in mass media, one can’t leave out Dr. Robert Key. The man has appeared in more than 150 television programs. He is most noted for his participation in the television series Dr. 90210 from the E! network.

Robert is from Brazil and moved to the US with his parents. He was placed in foster care after his mom and dad divorced. Now, he has an established career as a plastic surgeon that appeared in a number of film and TV projects.

He is in the 1995 movie Se7en, in which he acted as a medical consultant. He also worked as a medical reporter for The Insider. In Beverly Hills, he maintains his own private clinic and deals with the wealthy inhabitants of the area. He has a $14 million net worth.

7. Dr. Paul Nassif – $14 Million

Dr. Paul Nassif appears on Botched alongside Dr. Terry Dubrow. Nassif is from Lebanon and is notable for his proficiency in rhinoplasty revisions and ethnic rhinoplasty. With this, he has no plans on quitting the show and its spinoff to gain more exposure and increase his wealth.

Consumers value his expertise on physical attributes and plastic procedures as a part of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He has publicly made remarks about his average-sized nose, so he gets why some folks would want to alter theirs. This garnered him some fans.

He’s now famed for creating the perfect nose. He and his ex-wife, Adrienne Maloof, were a part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Another factor for his $14 million net worth is his skincare brand, Nassif MD Dermaceuticals, that’s made for anti-aging and rejuvenation solutions.

8. Dr. Maria Siemionow – $14 Million

As the only woman on the list, Dr. Maria Siemionow is an ingenious plastic surgeon who rose to prominence in 2008 after performing a revolutionary facial transplant technique. With the help of a team of 22 supporting surgeons, she orchestrated the surgery successfully.

She is not well-known among movie stars or television viewers. Her alternative source of income comes from teaching in educational institutions. She is currently a leading scientist in enhancing nerve regeneration and designing minimal immunosuppressive regimens after transplantation.

The award-winning Polish doctor is currently stationed in Cleveland, where she focuses on teaching surgery at Lerner College of Medicine. Nevertheless, her breakthrough process and not her teaching job accounts for the majority of her $14 million fortune.

9. Dr. Michael Obeng – $8 Million

Dr. Michael Obeng is a Ghana native who got his education from Harvard. He is an expert surgeon of the face, neck, and breast. He is not only regarded as Beverly Hills’ first black cosmetic surgeon but he was also named one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons in 2011.

He also worked for the E! television network. Along with his wife Veronika, he stars in the reality series Second Wives Club. Obeng is respected by many because he works with a diverse group of people. Celebs of different levels and even those from poor backgrounds are among his clients.

When he’s not practicing in Beverly Hills, the doctor uses his time traveling the globe and assisting those in need. The philanthropist founded RESTORE, a non-profit organization for survivors of trafficking in America. Even when giving out much of his wealth, he is still worth $8 million.

10. Dr. Jason Diamond – $4 Million

Another plastic surgeon turned celebrity doctor, Dr. Jason Diamond is a specialist on facelifts and nose jobs. In reconstructive surgery, he is among the best and uses this reputation in his transition to working in front of a camera.

He has starred on The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills and Dr. 90210. He has board qualifications in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Despite his success as a media personality, he continues to work at his office, The Diamond Face Institute.

Jason is also acknowledged for Diamond facial sculpting, a unique surgery that molds the face with strategically placed fillers. The cost of the operation ranges from $1,500 to $10,000. His work can take 15 to 20 hours. Still, it pays well as he is reported to have a $4 million net worth.

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