Too much botox? Demi Moore receives strong comments for photo


The renowned, beautiful and talented American actress, Demi Moore, raised a huge controversy by participating in one of the most exclusive fashion shows of today, where the first collection of British designer Kim Jones was presented for the Italian house Fendi, which took place this past Wednesday in Paris, France.

The parade was held without an audience, due to the global health contingency, so it was only broadcast online, and for this reason, millions of people around the world had the opportunity to be spectators.

This parade had the participation of a great list of renowned and talented international models, among which, we can mention Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne, resulting in a spectacular mix of romance and elegance.

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So, the famous and elegant brand Fendi presented what will be its first haute couture collection for the season. spring-summer 2021However, the detail that most attracted the attention of Internet users was the “new” face with which the actress Demi Moore appeared.

It has even attracted more attention than the outfits themselves designed elegantly and exclusively for the important European clothing firm.

So basically we can say that the long-awaited collection presented by Kim Jones was totally and completely overshadowed by Demi Moore, who appeared unrecognizable, with a completely smooth forehead and expressionless eyes, however, the detail that attracted the most attention was the lower part of your face, especially on the cheekbones and mouth.

Yes, in the parade, Moore has shown a face that has little to do with his freshness and natural beauty of yesteryear, showing himself without a single wrinkle, with his nose visibly more rounded, eyes with hardly any expressiveness and, mainly, cheekbones and the mouth that has completely changed the expression on his face.

Causing that his appearance instead of enchanting viewers, ended up causing tremendous debates on different social networks.

However, it seems that the actress is very satisfied with her new appearance, since she has shared several images of the parade on her social networks, in addition to telling her followers some anecdotes of this experience as a model.

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On other occasions, there has been talk about the possible cosmetic surgeries that Demi Moore has undergone, however, she has denied on each occasion having invested thousands of dollars in procedures to look younger over the years

It is necessary to mention that, in Paris, the city where fashion is the protagonist, “haute couture week” is taking place this week, for this reason Fendi took place to present its collection.

Kim Jones, the new artistic director of the Italian house, did it without public and online, showing the world garments full of romance and elegance, his collection was fully praised, but also caused an impact by international celebrities who were participants in the exclusive runway.

One of them was our beloved Demi Moore who unexpectedly became the main protagonist of the show, this being one of the most anticipated events by all fashionistas as it was the debut of the designer Jones at the head of the Italian firm and for gathering on the catwalk To stars of the stature of the most recognized “top models” of today, however, they were completely overshadowed by the actress.


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