Tom Brady Botox Rumors Hits the Net


Tom Brady uses Botox? Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady is currently 43 years old. He’ll turn 44 years old in August. Tom has made it known he wants to play until he’s 45 years old. But knowing Tom, he’ll try to play well into his late 40’s. That begs the question, why does Tom not necessarily look his age. If you look at men his age, they usually appear to look a lot more weathered. Following’s Tom’s latest post, where he handed out his phone number, some were calling out Tom for using the cosmetic enhancement, Botox.

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For months people have been accusing Tom of using Botox.

See below:

Tom’s face does look incredibly smooth. You have to think someone his age should at the very least have a few wrinkles. Just because Tom plays like he’s in his 30’s doesn’t mean he should look like a QB in his 30’s.

Could botox be Tom’s secret weapon in the TB12 method??

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