Three skincare gifts that’ll pamper mom


Pour Moi’s climate-based skincare will make mom feel and look her very best — which she totally deserves! Sponsored by Pour Moi.

SEATTLE — Shoutout to the moms of the world — they’re the hardest workers around, and as such, they deserve the best for Mother’s Day. That’s why we’ve got three great gift ideas from Pour Moi, the world’s only climate smart skincare.

“That’s based on large-scale medical research that your skin changes in different climates,” says founder Ulli Haslacher. “So on the days where it’s overcast, your skin has a different biochemistry, it needs a different kind of treatment than when you have your dry summer days in Seattle. That is climate smart, and that’s how you get extraordinary anti-aging results.”

With these, mom will feel refreshed, hydrated, and ready to take on the world — whatever weather it may be!

Climate-Smart WOW Kit – $49 (deal for Evening viewers!)

This gift set includes the full-size Temperate Day Cream, half-size Marine Day Cream, and a fabulous hairband with a detachable rose. This combination of the Temperate and Marine creams is perfect for Seattle’s temperamental spring climate. Plus, the rose hairband keeps your hair dry when you wash your face — and it’s adorable!

Petal Perfect WOW Kit – $59 (deal for Evening viewers!)

Pour Moi’s Petal Perfect WOW Kit includes their Clarifying Polish, Rose Moisture Mask, and that fabulous Rose Hairband. This is the ultimate spa day gift pack — perfect for a little Mother’s Day TLC!

The Clarifying Polish is an exfoliating scrub that contains precious sugars, encapsulated antioxidants, and Pour Moi’s Geo-hydradynamic complex. Basically, it’s super science-y and will leave you with clear, baby-soft skin.

The Rose Moisture Mask is a luxurious, high-performing mask that defends your skin from pollution and gives you that lit-from-within glow. Plus, it smells amazing — and it matches the hairband!

Mom’s Youth WOW Kit – $99 (deal for Evening viewers!)

This is THE ULTIMATE gift set for mom. If you want to show your mama what’s up, this kit includes Pour Moi’s 3-Step Rotating System: Northwest, their Night Cream, and the fabulous Rose Hairband.

The 3-Step Rotating System includes several items — a full-size Hydrating Balancer, a full-size Blue Serum, a full-size Marine Day Cream, and a half-size Temperate Day Cream. This is the perfect set to take you from Northwest spring to summer.

Need evidence that Pour Moi is the real deal? Just look at founder Ulli Haslacher’s hands: she used Pour Moi on her right hand for years, and the results are clear.

“It’s amazing how your skin transforms when you match your skincare to the climate you live in,” Haslacher said. “That’s how you get extraordinary anti-aging results and hydration results.”

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