This Wildcrafted Ageless Skin Serum Is Araks Yeramyan’s Go-To


In the head-spinning age of multistep skin-care routines and mic-drop makeup launches, The One is a space for minimalists to sound off on the single beauty product that’s found a longtime spot in their carefully curated routines.

For lingerie designer Araks Yeramyan, underpinnings are best dreamt up with minimalism in mind, the better to allow the wearers’ natural beauty to shine. The same goes for her beauty routine, which is artfully pared down, centering on one product in particular. “I’m pretty conscious about anything that I put in my body or on my body—the more natural it is, the better, the more I trust it,” says Yeramyan, espousing the ethos that has made Prestidge Beaute’s Ageless Skin Serum her go-to secret for a gentle glow. 

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Prestidge Beauté Ageless Skin Serum

“I learned about it on set with a makeup artist who makes it in small batches, and it’s all wildcrafted with foraged materials and ingredients,” says Yeramyan. “She puts it together herself, mixes it, bottles it. I use it morning and night.” A second secret to Yeramyan’s complexion lies in a longtime love affair with the Diamond Glycolic Extreme Peel from Natura Bissé, which she follows with the brand’s Oxygen Complex and has been using since her early 20s. “I’ll do it for six weeks in a row, and then I’ll pause for like, six months, and then do it for another six weeks,” says Yeramyan of her at-home facial. 

A final touch comes courtesy of Tata Harper’s Illuminating Eye Creme, which affords her natural look a touch of shimmer. “I feel like the light bounces off and takes away a little bit of the dark circle without makeup,” says Yeramyan. “And I love sparkly stuff.” As with her eponymous lingerie line, Yeramyan is all about beauty that’s barely but beautifully there. 

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