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Behind the departure of Rafa Mora from the reality show ‘Solos’, the collaborator has returned to his job in ‘Save me’ with a somewhat changed face. « You have done something to yourself, » insinuated Jorge Javier Vázquez Mora himself, to which the rest of the collaborators affirmed that he was changed. It was then that the collaborator confirmed that he had done some aesthetic touch-ups: « I got botox 15 days ago ».

Rafa Mora and Macarena Millán, his partner, in ‘Solos’

« At 37 years old I was beginning to notice many wrinkles », Mora confessed. In his story, he said that he decided to attend a cosmetic surgery clinic and, although a priori he only wanted to touch up his forehead, ended up getting botox in different places Of the face. Both the host of the program and collaborators believed that cheekbones and eyes were also something had been done, but he denied it.

« The cheekbones are mine, but it is true that I have gained weight after leaving the house » counted. Regarding the swelling of the eyes, Rafa Mora explained that it was due to the hours of sleep: « In the house I slept badly, then when they took me out I slept 12 hours at a timeJorge Javier, somewhat concerned, told him that he hopes that is it and not that he has laid down just after injecting the botox, something that the collaborator denied, arguing that he injected it first thing in the morning, and until well into the morning. late could not go to bed.

You have not been the only collaborator

With the statements of Rafa Mora, the program opened the debate with the following label: « Who is botox better, Rafa Mora or Antonio David Flores? ». The Andalusian also became aesthetic touch-ups in the forehead area, although it was harder for Flores to confess that he had done it and it was his smile not being able to move any muscles in the face the one who betrayed him in front of his companions.

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