Home Facial Treatments This High Tech Sauna Blanket Uses Infrared Light to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

This High Tech Sauna Blanket Uses Infrared Light to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

This High Tech Sauna Blanket Uses Infrared Light to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder


It’s the dead of winter, it’s freezing, and you haven’t felt the warm kiss of the sun on your skin for longer than you can remember. Even though it won’t last forever, the effect it has on your mental and physical well-being can add up. According to Psychology Today, it’s estimated that Seasonal Affective Disorder affects 10 million Americans. With another 10-to-20 percentof people suffering from a more mild form. One of the best ways to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is with the use of infrared saunas. But luckily, if you don’t have the room (or they money) for a sauna, HigherDOSE’s Infrared Sauna Blanket can help.

For years, people have used a deep, productive sweat to naturally and effectively rid the body of pollutants while simultaneously giving them an intense energy boost. Traditional saunas have aided in this process, but the intense 200+ degree heat can be too much. Thankfully, infrared sauna technology can accomplish more with less intense heat. So if you’re one of the 10-million Americans mentioned above, you should know about HigherDOSE’s Infrared Sauna Blanket V3.


The Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 allows you to bring the benefits of infrared light therapy wherever you may go because it’s light-weight and easy to store! Most importantly, it’s also a fraction of the cost of bringing home traditional infrared saunas, and is perfect for people looking to continue their infrared treatments while stuck inside during the pandemic. The V3 is designed to increase the body’s thermal energy and promote a temporary increase in blood flow – so you sweat like you’re working out, even though you’re not.

To imitate the HigherDOSE experience, the V3 is designed to match the quality of treatment clients get when they set foot into the famous New York City spa. To do this, the V3 includes layers of charcoal, crystals, and clay (which generate negative ions); low EMF infrared heat; and non-toxic premium fabrics. Resulting in the kind of detoxifying sweat that will leave you feeling lighter and more relaxed, with glowing skin and less pain and soreness overall.


HigherDOSE started as an infrared wellness spa founded by Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps.  These two seekers of natural highs believe the key to the “high life” is found through future-focused health therapies (like infrared) that ups your natural DOSE of happiness chemicals, aka serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins.

However, they wanted users to be able to bring the high life home with them, which is how they conceived of the original “sauna blanket.” Thanks to input from Dr. Raleigh Duncan of Clearlight Infrared, HigherDose launched the prototype for their sauna blanket in 2017. Since then, they’ve worked tirelessly to fine tune their spa experience for at-home use, resulting in the Infrared Sauna Blanket V3.


Infrared light used in Infrared Sauna Blanket V3  travels via wavelengths that can’t be seen with the human eye. However, the heat produced through this process penetrates the skin, raising the core body temperature and setting off intense cellular healing. This occurs because the power of the infrared light is used to heat your body without raising the temperature of the air around you.

The way infrared heat works pulls heavy metals, radiation, and environmental pollutants out of fat cells. It is also known to detoxify the body seven-times more than traditional saunas. Additionally, it assists with mood regulation, weight loss, relaxation, burning calories, pain relief, anti-aging, skin purification, cell health, and improved circulation.

HigherDOSE offers a one-year limited warranty and payment plans to make detoxifying your body even more accessible. So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to SAD and replace it with deep sleep and glowing skin by purchasing HigherDOSE’s Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 now.

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