This Gentle Serum Delivers And Dermatologists’ Offices Can’t Keep It In Stock


While we have remained masked and cautious as we wait out our Covid-19 exiles, many have become embolden to become adventurous in other areas particularly beauty routines. Masks hide swelling and redness beautifully and we really aren’t socializing much these days. Dermatologists’ and plastic surgeons’ offices have been booked solid with patients looking to take advantage of their seclusions. Laser procedures such as Fraxels and Halos are even more popular since we all have plenty of downtime on our hands.

As a beauty writer in her mid-40s, I am definitely no stranger to laser treatments and it is during one of my recent trips to the dermatologist’s office that I was introduced to Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar, a peptide serum designed to be used before and after in-office procedures to improve outcomes. I used it prior to a Halo laser treatment and fell in love with its soothing properties and weightless feel. I have thin, freckly, sensitive skin and was impressed at how non-irritating the formula was, while still imparting some serious plumping benefits not to mention speeding up my healing from my laser procedure. The formula disappears into the skin and plays well with any antioxidant product you may have in your regime. Since the Alastin brand launched in 2015, more and more dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend it due to the thorough science backing the brand. Says D.C.-based plastic surgeon Dr. Munique Maia,

“The healing properties make the Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar unique. There are published scientific studies showing expedited healing, decreased inflammation and improved aesthetic outcomes. A lot of my patients who wouldn’t consider procedures like microneedling and laser resurfacing because of the downtime are now undergoing these treatments.”

Why are peptides important to skin function? We lose 1% of our collagen per year after age 30 and over time our skin becomes less efficient at producing the vital protein as well as its sister protein elastin. We hear a lot about collagen, but elastin as the name implies is responsible for skin’s elasticity, its ability to bounce back from a grimace or a smile. When you introduce peptides to aging skin they encourage the dermis to produce these important building blocks. As with all Alastin products, the Regenerating Skin Nectar contains TriHex Technology®, a special blend of botanicals, peptides and active molecules that penetrates the skin, mobilizes the fibroblasts cells that generate collagen and elastin, rebuilds the supportive collagen-elastin matrix and restores skin circulation. Notes Dr. Alan D. Widgerow, Chief Medical Officer of Alastin,

“TriHex Technology®, the backbone of Regenerating Skin Nectar is the culmination of exhaustive laboratory and clinical studies that have enabled us to introduce a new concept of skin preparation prior to surgery or a procedure by filtering out waste products and replenishing fresh proteins that encourage and optimize healing. The thrill of developing this technology is not only from the validation demonstrated in skin biopsies and gene expression tests, but from the immense satisfaction expressed by patients and practitioners using this regimen.”

While its been designed to complement in-office procedures, devotees also love it as a skin primer, some using it every morning and evening. It’s a boon to more sensitive skin types in search of profound anti-aging benefits that won’t irritate skin, delivering dramatic results but in the most gentle of ways.

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