Home Injectables This cutting edge, instant healing face lift heralds a new era in anti-ageing dermatology

This cutting edge, instant healing face lift heralds a new era in anti-ageing dermatology

This cutting edge, instant healing face lift heralds a new era in anti-ageing dermatology


Though the results of micro-coring would not be as dramatic as surgery, Dr Avram and his Massachusetts team are optimistic about what they have seen so far. “You use injectable anesthesia so the patient is awake,” says Avram. “It would probably take 40 minutes to do a full face. So far studies have only been done on the cheeks and tests are still underway. But the procedure significantly tightens the surface and lifts wrinkles by reducing the amount of skin.”

Alongside micro-coring, more flight-deck worthy breakthroughs are coming. The Visia machine, which started out as a skin x-ray camera built to reveal sun spots and damage back in the early 1990s, has evolved into a smart system able to read skin inside and out. Now, it is possible for a doctor with this machinery to actually show you what you will look like post-treatment – before it happens.

“The Visia is invaluable for illustrating skin and body treatment outcomes to my patients,” explains Dr Munir Somji BSc, MBBS, Chief Medical Officer of Dr MediSpa in London, of the machine’s 3D imaging possibilities.

“We use skin analysis to illustrate the benefit of both topical and injectable skin treatments plus wrinkle length and depth. We can also explore sun damage, bacteria based skin conditions, inflammation and pigmentation.”

Dr Somji is awaiting delivery of a Visia’s new 3D imaging system for the body. “The new technology will help my body patients visualize our surgical and non-surgical treatment outcomes,” he says.  

Also on the horizon is the S3 Inject, a smart needle breath-through tool for tweakments. The S3 inject has a sensory tip to indicate the presence of arteries, fat or muscle to the injecting physician. Onboard electronics include warning lights and bluetooth to report on each procedure step-by-step. 

Such technology will fulfil two main functions: enhanced safety and greater precision. In particular, blindness caused by filler being accidentally injected into the optical nerve during eye-hollow work poses a huge risk for doctors, as does paralysis of vocal or swallowing mechanisms if a neuromodulator hits the wrong spot in the jaw or neck. Bleeding and excessive bruising are also side effects of needles not quite hitting the right spot. 

Many doctors currently aspirate first, meaning they inject an exploratory needle along their preferred route for skin treatments or threads to check for hazards before injecting product. The S3 is said to cut down on both time and danger. However, even this seemingly failsafe device should only be trusted in the hands of medically trained experts. Science or no science, the success of all of these treatments still depends on the human hands at work.

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