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Things You Must Know About Dermal Fillers For Advanced Results

Things You Must Know About Dermal Fillers For Advanced Results


Aging is an inevitable process. Wrinkles, fine lines, and loosened skin are all signs of getting old. The saggy skin makes your body appear tired, and dull thus, affecting your overall personality. Fortunately, there are many facial aesthetic procedures such as dermal fillers that can help minimize the unflattering wrinkles and crease on your skin.

Karishma Botox clinic has decades of experience in using high-quality, natural, and effective dermal fillers treatment in Pune. We have been helping people reclaim their vibrant, smooth, and younger-looking skin. Our team possesses widespread knowledge in facial musculature and how to reshape your facial aesthetics as desired. We offer safe options in the form of dermal fillers treatment to add subtle enhancement to the patient’s facial appearance.
Dermal fillers are a natural substitute for the lost collagen and hyaluronic acid that keeps our skin tightened and smooth. Both collagen and hyaluronic acid are naturally produced by our body system and play a crucial role in keeping our skin hydrated, firm, and soft. As we grow older, the production amount gets reduced thus, resulting in visible wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin.

What does it do?

Dermal fillers treatment in Pune is a quick, long-lasting, and natural-looking cosmetic procedure that benefits the skin:
•It softens the lines around your lips occurred as a sign of aging.
•It restores the lip’s cupid bow into its previous look.
•It adds volume to your lips in case they have thinned down.
•It removes the scowl lines from your eyebrows.
•It lightens the dark circles around your eyes.
•It improves the appearance of your bony hands.

Which areas should be targeted for dermal fillers treatment?

Dermal fillers cannot be applied to any region of your face. Your cosmetologist expert will first examine and evaluate your skin to determine the critical points to target to make your skin appear younger and fresh. The list includes:
•The area under the eye hollows and cheeks to reduce dark circles and tighten the cheeks
•Eyebrows, frown lines, crow’s feet, and tear trough to make your eyes look fresh, relaxed, and wide-open.
•Vertical lip lines to make them appear more proportionate
•Masseters to give your jawline a refined look
•Skin boosters for hands to resolve creepy weathered dry skin and boost skin hydration
•Neck region to diminish the appearance of neck bands and give it lift
•Earlobes for women who wear heavy earrings and now suffering from saggy, elongated earlobes

Dermal fillers can reawaken your features by adding volume to some selected parts of your body. But make sure you choose the best cosmetologist in town to perform the procedure, as its side effects can disrupt your face or may not offer up-to-mark results.

At Karishma Botox Clinic, we ensure our patients feel safe and relaxed throughout the treatment. Therefore, we first examine their health condition, medical history, and skin conditions to determine whether they are ideal candidates for the procedure. You can book your appointment today for fillers and botox treatment in Pune or call us to discuss your skin-related concerns.


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