The Plastic Surgery “Zoom Boom” Is Real Post-Pandemic


Virtual distortion isn’t limited to noses. “Zoom accentuates imperfections” on a grander scale, says Flora Levin, MD, an oculofacial plastic surgeon in Westport, Connecticut. Since our laptops are generally set on a desk or, aptly, in our laps, we’re fixing our gaze at a downward angle, which causes the skin on the face and neck to fall forward, collecting in folds around the mouth and in pockets under the chin. While “Zoom is what I call an equal opportunity offender, if I had to pick one feature which suffers the most, it would have to be the neck,” says Ashley Gordon, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. “Any excess skin and fat in the submental area [under the chin], along with a scalloped jawline from jowling, are really highlighted on Zoom.”

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