The new tightening and tweaking cosmetic treatments to look out for in 2022

The new tightening and tweaking cosmetic treatments to look out for in 2022

Top practitioners agree on one thing: these days, client knowledge of non-surgical treatments for face and neck is ever more expert. In 2022, new solutions for loose skin on upper arms, flabby abdomens and knees, papery chest and décolletage issues will top treatment lists.

“We are launching a new combination of Secret RF followed by Body Profhilo – ideal for skin laxity in areas of the body that reflect the ageing process,” says Park Lane, Mayfair-based practitioner Dr Preema Vig.

‘Secret RF’ uses microneedles to deliver fractional radio frequency (RF) energy to all layers of the skin, with minimal damage to the skin’s surface.” Dr Vig explains how she also uses Secret RF to erase photodamage, stretch marks and acne scars. “Unlike other RF devices which only deliver energy to the upper layers of the skin, Secret RF claims to work within deeper layers of the dermis, to ‘revitalise and regenerate tissue’, which improves skin quality over all.” 

Meanwhile Profhilo Body is the only injectable treatment specifically designed to address body skin laxity in upper arms, chest and shoulder area and abdomen. The product uses a high concentration Ultrapure hyaluronic acid. In particular, research results conducted by the manufacturer for Profhilo have shown strong positive outcomes in treating inner-arm skin looseness.

Hair raising

Angelina Jolie’s red-carpet hair extension disaster at the Eternals premiere in Rome back in November 2021 proved how even the most professionally applied pieces can fail the fabulousness test. Therefore, boosting treatments for one’s own hair are the only way to go in 2022. For those despairing of genetic or age-related hair thinning or quality concerns, more and better hair procedures will be popping up on top clinic menus. 

Doctor Munir Somji of London’s drmedispa clinic offers a triple treatment for thinning hair which combines minor surgery, injectables and light: “We are layering up our surgical treatments with non-surgical hair growth support protocols such as Regenera [which uses stem cell therapy] and Calecim hair growth serums.” Dr Somji also offers the newest versions of hair transplants. “We have found that both treatments followed by Dermalux LED light therapy are improving the quality and quantity of hair in our patients.”  

Also on the radar for 2022 are hair, and more specifically, scalp products containing the same ingredients as facial skin enhancers, including AHAs, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Consider Including one such product into your routine for extra 21st century oomph.

Old Ideas, New Formulations

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