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The Most Sought After Cosmetic Treatments In 2021

The Most Sought After Cosmetic Treatments In 2021


With what seemed an eternity of nonstop lockdowns and social restrictions in 2020, we all had to learn and adapt to the new way of living. The adoption of solutions such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, in addition to offering the convenience and safety of meeting others without the risk of contracting coronavirus, is also giving all of us a chance to examine our own faces for a prolonged period of time. Without a surprise, and potentially as a result, 2020 has been dominated by people wanting to look great and camera-ready around the clock.

According to Dr Sophie Shotter, founder and medical director of Illuminate Skin Clinic, more and more patients want their skin to be flawless and glowing without the need for make up, especially as mask-wearing had fast become part of one’s daily routine in 2020. Injectables have held strong throughout last year, being the preferred way for achieving the desired facial definition and structure. Injectable skin quality treatments such as Profhilo have also been more popular than ever. Dr Shotter tells me, “the real theme has been an even stronger shift towards natural results, with people wanting to look great without everyone else knowing why”.

At last, 2021 is upon us. The start of a new year, together with the successful initial rollout of the vaccines around the world, brings all of us hope that life may finally start to return to normal. What would the cosmetic treatment trends be in 2021? Are the Bella Hadid cat eye look here to stay? Below are what Dr Shotter predicts as the most sough-after cosmetic treatments in 2021.

Lifted Brow Frames and Lateral Canthus

The eyes are a focal feature of any face, which is why so many people focus on them. Lifted brow frames will open up the one’s face instantly, whilst a lifted lateral Canthus (outer corner of the eye) also adds youthfulness. Dr Shotter is of the opinion that the open eyed look will never go out of fashion, but warns there is a real difference between the Bella Hadid fresh faced and sculpted look, and the cat-esque look that Jocelyn Wildenstein chased for so long. Keeping the facial framework youthful and supported will help to keep the eyes looking fresh. “I think this is a look everyone wants, whilst keeping things firmly in the natural camp”, says Dr Shotter. A natural fresh and open-eyed look can be achieved using a mixture of Botox and fillers.

Creative Use of Botox

The uses for Botox continue to expand beyond just the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines – it can also be used to treat excess sweating, facial flushing, or to achieve jawline refinement, brow lifting and minimisation of pores. It’s like a wonder drug that can do so many different things, depending on how the practitioner uses it. For 2021, Botox will remain one of the strong contenders in the cosmetic treatment arena.

Non-Invasive Facelift With Some Downtime

Many people are still in search of the perfect procedure that can achieve a result similar to a facelift without the risk and downtime of a surgery. Using non-invasive techniques like fillers has become and will stay popular due to the minimal downtime required. But in this era of mask wearing, Dr Shotter also find that more and more patients are prepared to accept a little downtime in exchange for more dramatic and noticeable results. Treatments like the Profound radio frequency can deliver up to 1/3 of a traditional facelift result in exchange for a few days of downtime.

Non-Invasive Body Treatments Focusing On Cellulite And Stretch Marks

In 2021, many people will also look to tackle cellulite and stretch marks, two of the most common complains from women, as the procedures may leave marks or bruises which will be easier to disguise under a work-from-home environment. “We are not telling women or men that these conditions should be tackled or that they are not normal, however we recognise that many people have confidence issues because of the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite”, Dr Shotter says, “if the improvement of the appearance of these conditions means the patients feel more confident in their swimsuit come summer, then I think that’s a good thing”.

Dr Shotter recommends Illuminate Cellulite Legacy and Viva Stretch Mark treatments, featuring multi-polar radio frequency and lymphatic drainage treatment, to target fat cells and uneven skin surfaces.

Surgical Rhinoplasty with Non-Surgical Complimenting Procedures

Even though non-surgical rhinoplasty is an excellent treatment for certain patients (to iron out lumps and bumps in the nose, or to achieve a little tip lift), Dr Shotter does not think a traditional surgical rhinoplasty will ever be replaced. To correct significant deviations or to make a nose appear significantly slimmer or smaller, a surgical rhinoplasty is still very much necessary, and will continue to be one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments of 2021.


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