The Dermelect Upper Lip Anti-Aging Treatment Is on Sale Right Now


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Not to give you a reason to smile less, but fine lines tend to appear around the mouth far sooner than other areas of the face. Habits such as smoking or poor nutrition, alongside natural causes like genetics and sun damage, are often the main contributors to their unwanted appearance. But, the good news is that routine applications of a targeted formula, such as the Dermelect’s Smooth Upper Lip Anti-Aging Treatment, can greatly delay their arrival and minimize existing mouth lines. Even better, the popular treatment is on sale during Dermelect’s New Year sale with code NY20.  

The incredibly potent cream contains a multitude of anti-aging ingredients that provide results that almost mimic professional treatments on vertical lip lines, smile lines, and upper lip discoloration. With daily application, retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and multi-peptides smooth skin and decrease the appearance of age lines, while arbutin, a natural skin brightener, lightens shadowy pigmentation above the lips. 

Plenty of shoppers report a significant difference in the state of their skin, with one sharing that they are “so pleased with the results” after just one week of use. Another shared that after a year of using the treatment, their upper lip lines are “practically non-existent.” Even more agree that makeup doesn’t appear as cakey or settle into lines as much since adding the blend of line-smoothing ingredients into their regimen. 

One reviewer who attributes their wrinkles to drinking from straws wrote: “I keep a tube with me at all times and during the workday, apply a small portion to the skin above my upper lip every 90 minutes or so while I’m at my desk working. I recently looked into a magnification mirror and was astonished at the improvement in my upper lip.” They shared that the deep lines on each side of the center of their upper lip “had diminished by 80 percent,” adding, “I couldn’t believe it. I made a habit of routinely applying a tiny amount whenever it was convenient and discreet, and three weeks later I feel more confident.”

“I’m almost 70 years old and I love this upper lip cream,” said another. “The wrinkles have disappeared and my skin feels so soft. I’ll be using it everyday.”

“The only comment I have to say about this product (this is my fourth tube), is that I notice a difference when I don’t use it,” wrote a final reviewer. “So to the fifth tube!

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